New 12"/LP/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 7/31 - Todd Terje, Vakula, Fred P, Split Secs and more!

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Todd Terje - StrandbarTodd Terje

Strandbar 12"


Todd's first solo release since the world-beating Inspector Norse . This set, a friendly volley to a music critic's dismissal of Inspector as "Strand" or "Beach" bar music, starts with an a-side length Samba version, buoying an insistent piano house progression with nuanced live percussion. When the progression changes to a sublime four-chord vamp it's just as massive a moment as anything on Inspector Norse - this time relying on pure musicianship rather than Arp 2600 acrobatics.

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Vakula - Bandura 002Vakula

Bandura 002 12"


Excellent new material from the prolific producer, the second white label release on his own Bandura. Vakula channels jazz influences here, with opener "D The Man" playing two relatively ornate piano/rhodes lines against each other. "Evening Breeze" is similarly busy, this time relying on cosmic synth interplay for a boogie-prog sound. "Fifth Experiment" is more traditional, by Vakula's standards that is, it's excellent underwater deep house. "4 G Lady" once again leans on heavily processed jazz chords and even an accomplished vibes solo. All winners, move quick.

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Hank Jackson - DepositHank Jackson

Deposit 12"

Mr. Saturday Night

Mr. Saturday Night continues to establish itself as one of the more fearless imprints to emerge from the US underground with this 3-tracker from Hank Jackson. Hank plies the lo-fi, noisy techno upon which L.I.E.S. has built its reputation. The title track works around insistent 707 hi-hat/cowbell patterns and creates a palpable sense of space with delays and burbles of indeterminate origins. The b is more abstract, with "Cole's Lullaby" sounding like a mid-00s power electronics track and "Shave" putting a queasy, wasp-like synth over tough beats. Something's gone awry in the US.

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Split Secs - The JointSplit Secs

The Joint 12"  

Throne of Blood

LA's own Split Secs return with their third 12" in as many years, this time for James Friedman's  killer Throne of Blood imprint. The tracks here evidence the duo's countless hours behind the decks. The title tracks mixes UK acid house signifiers with the kind of serpentine, analog bassline which works weekend after weekend in LA's warehouse scene. "Funkin Power" is an odd bird, beginning by shouting out the halcyon days of breakbeat/sample house, and eventually working into an awesome acid house workout. Floor ready.

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Magic Mountain High - Live at FreerotationMagic Mountain High

Live at Freerotation 12"  


Magic Mountain High is a heady proposition. Juju and Jordash and Move D set up a studio's worth of equipment on-stage and go for it, without a plan, night after night. This club promoter's nightmare stands as a riposte to the convenience of usb enabled cdjs, midi controllers, and laptop/mixer live p.a.'s. Though the trio has been generous with recordings given out for free on their website/soundcloud, this is the first live release (their second on Workshop), and gives a good idea of the stunning breadth the trio covers in the flesh. The criticism most often levied against jam bands is that they are more fun for the musicians than audience, yet this document speaks to the contrary, instead suggesting MMH as an outlet for the musicians to get as deep or melodic as they want. B-side "May the Box Be With You" has the group traveling from the most minimal and hypnotic of late night vibes to full-on new-agey pads in less than three minutes. The A side is even more epic, with 303, accomplished piano riffing and even placid guitar in the mix. The trio lugs their gear everywhere as its the surest way they know to create a transportative experience for lucky crowds - now all of us can get a shot.

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Giorgio Luceri - Voices In My HeadGiorgio Luceri  

Voices In My Head LP

Voices In My Head CD


Varied deep house full-length from the Italian producer, issued on Jamal Moss's venerable Mathematics imprint. Luceri reveals his classical training early, with emotional piano cresting atop Chicago-influenced house on early highlight Meditation. Unexpected piano flourishes emerge throughout the record. Later, Anenome captures the sealocked feel of Larry Heard's Dolphin Dream. Luceri punctuates the set of perfect deep house tracks with Alfa 75, a HI-NRG/Italo tribute that avoids camp. The record ends with the title track, on which the producer sings for the first time, boldly belting an emotional refrain.

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Fred P - BQEFred P  

BQE 12"

The Corner

The NYC deep house maestro caps off a string of releases with this excellent ep for Anthony Parasole's The Corner label.  A1 Splitting Particles is the most uptempo and psychedelic Fred P track in recent memory, wrapping an odd, dynamic arpeggio around techno drums. "Tube Compression" has the emotional, slow-burn deepness the talented producer is well-known for. "State of No State" is a dark  4 a.m. house track, putting a disorted spoken word over a submerged bassline and progression.

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V.A. - Let's Get Lost Vol. 2Various Artists

Let's Get Lost Vol. 2  CD

Let's Get Lost

The second cd-comp of cuts from KZA's excellent re-edit label. Too many highlights too list, from Marvin & Guy's chanson-subverting "Jungle Woman", to the early-90s piano house of Sir Jacques (Jacques Renault). JD Twitch comes off like a cosmic Michael Nyman on his filmic In A Manner. A great compilation that paints the label out to be an enjoyable labor of love.

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