SPRiNG BREAKERS: Spring Break 4 Ever!!!

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Spring Breakers, the name says it all. For all intents and purposes it is the what, when, why, where, and who of Harmoy Korine's latest youth culture thesis -- a 94 minute non-stop Girls Gone Wild-esque Dubstep rager that prudently substitutes a copiousness of style for a seemingly decided lack of dramatic substance, inter-cut with super slo-mo beach bosoms and bottom biscuits jiggling at a hypnotizing rate of frames per second. it doesn't make a much sense, but whatever. It's summertime and this movie rules!

It seems to me that the real juice of the Spring Breakers fruit has little to do with cautionary tales, innocence lost or questionable actions, but rather it has everything to do with James Franco's cornrows. That is, soaking up the the overall look of the film, which seems to be inspired if not full-on endorsed by Vice Magazine sponsored American Apparel type fad-mongering marketing strategies, is as good as this movie gets.

It shouldn't go without mentioning, however, that that highly skilled costume designer Heidi Bivens'  hot-neon, day-glo accented beach wear, DTF sweatpants, and pink unicorn ski masks really transport viewers into the hyper-surreal world of Spring Breakers to the point of outmoding the efforts of the aforementioned houses of haute hipsterwares for the trending-now crowd. Indeed, the joint efforts of Bivens and Korine, not to mention the talents of cinematographer Benoît Debie, seem to signify an extremely creatively driven approach to fully realizing this project, but the commercial element Spring Breakers presents is most definitely a fashion force to be reckoned with, whether the message translates as what to buy or what not to buy. For me, I couldn't suppress the urge to indulge in a cinematic marathon of summer fashion features after practically gagging on Spring Breakers.

For example, Earth Girls Are Easy most definitely shares the Spring Breakers affinity for hot pink bikinis (and aliens for that matter):

And I couldn't help but think of Overboard when I saw those super-fly pink tiger swimsuits:

I also couldn't help but recall the Runaways film, perhaps owing to Benoît Debie's role as cinematographer for both The Runaways and Spring Breakers (I've got to see more of this guy's work).

Then there's that whole "good girls gone bad" vibe Spring Breakers, well, exploits:

Not only did that aspect of Spring Breakers (forever) make me want to watch Desperately Seeking Susan, but it kind of made me feel like Madonna in that famous Cheetos overdose scene:

Similarly on the good little bad girls on vacation tip, there were many moments that reminded me of the many times I've watched Dirty Dancing in my life. I wonder if Spring Breakers will age as well as DD has.

I also thought of that other film made by the team behind Dirty Dancing (but nowhere near as successful as their Swayze craze), Shag -- the story of four Southern girls looking for one last wild 'n crazy getaway before succumbing to the rigors of boring, normal adult life. Similar premise, and yet...

The look is different. But the late 60s beach parties of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina are just as ridiculous and offensive as those of the South Florida "Spring Break Forever" fever-dreams of today apparently...

A  N  Y  W  A  Y . . .

Want to channel your inner Vanessa Hudgens in your very own Spring Breakers inspired photo shoot?

All the photos that follow hence are taken from an impromptu Spring Breakers inspired photo shoot created by my good friend and fellow Amoebite Gabriel Wheeler after he hosted a Spring Breakers viewing party at his home (sadly, much like Selena Gomez's Breakers character, Faith, I left before the fun happened). Without further ado, here's how to ham it up Spring Breakers style:
You're gonna want to need some cash, lots of cash.

Also, be sure to don swimsuits or any other sort of beach wear you can rustle up, the brighter the better. Don't forget the ski mask! For men Hawaiian prints are a plus.

You don't want your models to dry up under those lights so be sure to stock plenty of beverages.

Also, don't be shy about dipping into your cache of original formula Four Loko.

Of course, ladies, you'll want to get your guns out for this one.

...and don't forget to relish those greens.

Make it rain.

And remember: "SPRiNG BREAK 4EVAH!"


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