Fun and Games until Someone Loses a Life: Louder than Hell, the Definitive Oral History of Heavy Metal (2013)

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This book was pretty hard to put down. Here are a few choice quotes:

gary holt

Gary Holt and Exodus do some charity work: We left a party once in San Francisco, and a few of us were heading to my friend's car and we saw a bunch of guys jumping some dude. At first we ran up to help the guy and it turned out the guy was just some crazed lunatic homeless guy. So we ended up joining in on the fun and next thing you know the cops showed up and we scattered into Golden Gate Park and hid until the cops left. I guess we kind of encouraged violence. [p. 242]

chuck billy

Testament's Chuck Billy shows compassion: On our first tour ever we were out in a van, and me and [guitarist] Alex [Skolnick] got a couple of ladies in our van in Richmond, Virginia, and we were hammered on Jack Daniel's. One of the girls started mouthing off to me and I got pissed off. We were parked right on the boat dock so I opened the door and flung her into the water. It was about a twenty-foot drop into the bay, with no stairs to get up. So she's holding on to the wooden pier. The water's hitting hard. She's crying. She keeps getting rubbed up and down, and she's getting slivers all over her arms and her chest. She's getting cut up. So we got ropes and hauled her out of there. She was so pissed, and all the fans were around the van cheering us on. [p. 258]

harley flanagan

Cro-Mags' Harley Flanagan explains why he's not a homophobe: Man, John [Joseph] tries to demonize me by blowing up some ill, dumb shit, when the fact is Allen Ginsberg was one of my mom's best friends and I grew up around Allen. I knew plenty of homos growing up. I didn't beat them up. I got in way more fights with the local Puerto Ricans, drunk yuppies, and bridge-and-tunnel motherfuckers. I'm not homophobic [….] The thing is, when I was a kid on the streets a lot of the people that were out at that hour were freaks and pervs. You're fifteen and you got motherfuckers trying to take advantage of you sexually. The'd offer you drugs, get you to their house, feed you, hook you up. So what are you going to do? You're gonna rob the motherfucker. Okay, that ain't right or politically correct, but is that less correct than some pedophile trying to pick up some homeless kid who ain't got nowhere else to be? [p. 277]

kerry king

Slayer's Kerry King explains why he is a homophobe: I wanted to be in denial [about Rob Halford's homosexuality], but shit, you can only hear it so many times. he's hanging out with a certain type of guy every show. Yeah, it just had to be made public. I personally don't fucking care for fucking homos of either sex, but as long as they ain't in my face, fine. It wouldn't be a problem if they weren't so fucking petty about getting it in the public. If you want to go fucking suck a dick, go suck a dick, but I don't need to know about it. [p. 354-5]

steven adler

Guns N' Roses' Steven Adler on pansexuality: People would pull up beside me in their cars and ask me if I wanted to smoke a joint. I'd be like, "Hell yeah!" The next thing you know, you're completely baked and they're touching you all over and you don't know what the fuck's going on. All you know is that an orgasm feels good. Anybody can make you come, and in that state, I didn't have the presence of mind to give a damn. I was used, abused, whatever. let's get high, let's party. [p.129]

don dokken  vince neil

Don Dokken, the moral conscience of the hair metal generation: I said, "There's a person who murdered somebody and he never quit drinking." [Vince Neil] did, what, one day in jail? […] Vince was always driving wasted, and he'd always make it the ten blocks home. Then Razzle died. Over the years, it's not been any secret, everybody has seen Vince completely wasted out of his mind. It didn't shake him at all, because he didn't have to pay any punishment. The system doesn't work when it comes to celebrities. I was shocked when he didn't go to jail. [p. 177-8]


Mayhem's Euronymous on commitment: Although I was the one who found him [lead singer, Dead, after his suicide] and had to crawl through his brains to get into his house, I don't think it affected me very much. Of course, he was a friend, but I know he wanted to die, and the only right thing he could do was to give his life to the darkness. It would have been wrong to prevent him from doing it. Besides, when I say I'm into death metal, I mean it! I hate when people say that they're into death, and when it comes down to it they're really just life-loving, humanitarian false trendies. Of course I took photos -- wouldn't you? It's not every day you get to mess around with a real corpse. Unfortunately. [p. 527]


Emperor's Isahn on friendship: I was not surprised at all when Samoth was involved in the church burnings and Faust was accused of murder. Faust has been obsessed with serial killers and murder for quite some time, so when this homosexual made a pass at him in a park in Lillehammer, he took the opportunity to experience the thrill of the kill. Personally, I think human life has very little value in itself, and that it's the relationship you have to people that give them value. One can only experience emotional affection through one's own senses. Thus, the death of someone outside my range of personal relations has no emotional effect on me. [p. 540-1]

varg vikernes

Burzum's Count Grishnackh on authenticity: I am no friend of the modern so-called black metal culture. It is a tasteless, lowbrow parody of Norwegian so-called black metal circa 1991-1992, and if it was up to me it would meet its dishonorable end as soon as possible. However, rather than abandon my own music because others have soiled its name by claiming to have something in common with it, I will stick with it. The "black metallers" will probably continue to get loaded, get high, and in all other manners, too, behave like the stereotypical Negro; they will probably continue to get foreign tribal tattoos, dress, walk, talk, look, and act like homosexuals, and so forth. Some of the "black metallers," their fans, and accomplices will probably even continue to pretend -- and actually believe -- they have something in common with Burzum, but let me assure you they don't. [p. 552]


Darkthrone's Fenriz on how gentrification drove all the murderers, bigots and arsonists out of the black metal scene: Wherever there is money, people want a part of it. For me, that killed it -- like a party that's cool and then all the idiots arrive. [p. 553]

seth putnam

Anal Cunt's Seth Putnam on the difference between life and art: I've been arrested ten times. The first time was in San Francisco for punching a lesbian in the face. Back then we weren't really getting paid for shows. We just fucked up every place we played and punched out a bunch of people because we knew we weren't getting any money. I almost ripped a guy's ear off with a mic stand. I broke some girl's arm. After a while, we made a plan. We'd pick  place three blocks away where I'd hide when the cops came. The band would tell the cops, "Sorry, he's already left," and then they'd pick me up and we'd leave.

I'm trying to be as offensive as possible, but fuck, I have friends who are gay and Jewish, black and Jewish, female and gay. [p. 498-9]

glen benton

Deicide's Glen Benton is more metal than you: I think I put a little bit more into my art than [Morbid Angel]. They used to slice themselves up, but so do teenage girls. Whereas I would just all-out splatter the place. I've got an inverted cross branded in my forehead. I used to use a scarring effect [with makeup] to create the scar years ago. Then one day in 1992 I decided to burn it into my forehead. So I heated up a piece of jewelry and pressed it in. I showed up the next day with this big huge red fucking sore of an upside-down cross in the my head. Everybody's like, "What the fuck have you been doing?" You burn it and then you peel the dead skin off it and then it dries tight. And then it's all red. I re-did it eight or nine times at least to make it more visible. The last time I did it, you could see the arteries underneath, so I didn't really want to go too much further. [p. 481]

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