Amoeba's Vinyl Vaults Present Kenny "Kenneth" Rogers' Earliest Solo Recordings

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This week Amoeba Music adds another important American music icon to the ever-growing Amoeba Music Vinyl Vaults, which specializes in preserving valued vinyl releases by carefully transferring them to digital files for you to download.

Now available are newly unearthed and remastered digitized Kenny Rogers tracks. The renowned country/pop music artist born Kenneth Donald Rogers, who has sold over 130 million records in his five and a half decade strong recording career, joins the likes of such other artists as Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday who had 30 (mostly live) tracks published to the Vinyl Vaults last week.

The Houston, Texas-born  singer who scored 120 hit singles over his illustrious music career. These new Vinyl Vaults additions are culled from his first two releases on Carlton Records and come to us by way of Timeless Entertainment. One very early and rare 7" single, titled "That Crazy Feeling," is a most noteworthy Kenny Rogers release. Not only was it Rogers' first ever solo record released when Rogers was still in his late teens in 1958, but it technically wasn't a "Kenny Rogers" release. It's actually a "Kenneth Rogers" record since he recorded it under the first name of Kenneth. Not long after, he switched to the stage name that the world would come to know him by: Kenny Rogers.

In addition to the name he used on that record, fans of the Country Music Hall of Fame inductee (known for such songs as "The Gambler," "Coward of The County," "Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town," and more) may also be surprised to find that "That Crazy Feeling" is a doo-wop record and a damn good one too!

"It offers glimpses of his familiar voice, though you probably wouldn't immediately associate the voice with that of "The Gambler," shared Amoeba's Jim Henderson who told me that, "we've remastered the recording to make it sound more full and vibrant." The single's B-side is described by Amoeba's Brian Davis as "a tasteful excursion into the realm of rockabilly, complete with Jordanairean backing vocals."

Not long after that solo debut single dropped, and while still recording under the Kenneth Rogers name and working in the doo-wop/rockabilly frame, the artist recorded and released the follow-up single "I've Got A Lot To Learn" (with the B-side "For You Alone"). This is the other new addition to Amoeba's Vinyl Vaults where it has been reviewed as, "blurring the lines between genres...His smooth vocals (and those backing him) are sweet street corner doo-wop, and then comes the rockabilly guitar solo to set the dancefloor ablaze.  The heartfelt romantic ballad on the b-side marks Rogers' debut as a songwriter."

Like "That Crazy Feeling" this rare early single by the famous American artists has also been carefully and lovingly remastered for the Amoeba online download vault in high quality digital file choices: mp3, M4A (lossless), or WAV. Go directly to Amoeba's Vinyl Vaults.

Kenny Rogers - That Crazy Feeling ( Vinyl Vaults Sample)
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