New Murs & Fashawn Video Live from Amoeba Hollywood

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Murs and Fashawn

One thing is for sure, Hip Hop is not dead! Not as long as Murs and Fashawn have something to say about it. The two beloved West Coast emcees teamed up for an epic collaboration on This Generation (Duck Down Records). The album boasts excellent production from the likes of K-Salaam and Beatnik with the dynamic duo supplying many memorable moments on the mic. This is definitely a release deserving of a permanent spot in your record collection.  Murs and Fashawn This Generation

Not only did they give us a free in-store performance to celebrate the album back in September 2012, the emcees also collaborated with Rock The Vote to encourage young hip hop fans to register and vote.

The message was loud and clear as Murs flaunted a retro styled Rock The Vote t-shirt. A proper album release with a proper message...Hip Hop is not dead!

Check out Murs & Fashawn perform "Heartbreaks and Handcuffs" from their performance at Amoeba Hollywood. Keep an eye out for DJ Quik in the audience! Visit for the full performance and to check out some cool show photos from the show.

Murs and Fashawn - Heartbreaks and Handcuffs (Live at Amoeba)
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Check out Murs' latest group, The White Mandingos featuring Bad Brains guitarist/singer Darrel Jenifer and editor/artist Sacha Jenkins. The White Mandingos is a perfect mixture of rap meets rock with Murs handling the rhymes over catchy riffs and beats. Their debut album, The Ghetto Is Tryna Kill Me is available now at Amoeba. 

The White Mandingos


Watch the official video for "My First White Girl"


Watch the official video for "The Ghetto Tryna Kill Me"


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