Grandmaster Caz Amoeblog Interview

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Grandmaster Caz Amoeblog interview (2013)

Grandmaster Caz truly loves hip-hop. The Bronx born native lives and breathes the culture of hip-hop in all its elements and has done so for almost every year of its four full decade lifespan. Grandmaster Caz is also a most humble guy. He has to be considering that, despite the fact he is one of the most influential and important pioneering figures in hip-hop, the average music fan doesn't really know much about Caz or the Grandmaster Cazimportance of his place in hip-hop history. Of course the fact that his legendary crew The Cold Crush Brothers, who introduced to the most via their appearances in the landmark 1983 Charlie Ahearn directed hip-hop movie Wild Style, never released an official album or the fact that Caz never got credited for the verses of his that Big Bank Hank borrowed for the Sugarhill Gang's breakout megahit rap single "Rapper's Delight." Maybe this was all for a reason: something to test Caz's commitment to hip-hop. If so he has passed that test with flying colors and, unlike so many figures in the history of hip-hop who fall off or fade away after a few years, decade after decade Grandmaster Caz has been a consistent contributor been to the culture that defines him and that he, in turn, helps define.

For the above Amoeblog video interview I traveled by MTA train and bus to the Bronx home of this all round hip-hop artist, who started out decades ago as the DJ named Casanova Fly (which later morphed into Grandmaster Caz), to ask him about his long career, his new book which was inspired by his standout role in the recent hip-hop documentary Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap, and where he would like to see himself in the coming years. Wild Style and Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap DVDs and their accompanying soundtracks are available at Amoeba. Written: The Lyrics of Grandmaster Caz is the recently published book by the artist. Below is the video for the single from 2000 released single "MC Delight" that addressed the aforementioned "Rapper's Delight" controversy. Also below is Caz's "I'm That" freestyle from the 2012 Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap movie.

Grandmaster Caz "MC Delight (Casanova's Revenge)" (2000)

Grandmaster Caz "I'm That" freestyle from "The Art of Rap"

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