DJ Quest: May 2013 Amoeblog Interview

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Usually DJ Quest goes to Amoeba but last week it was the other way around when the Amoeblog visited the Mission District home studios of the legendary San Francisco turntablist (video below) who has done several performances at Amoeba Music over the years including a record release set for his 2008 album Questulous and another with the DJ youth group the The DJ Project, that featured youth DJs from Horizons Unlimited and the Quest School of DJ Arts, where he mentors at-risk youth to gain arts education as well as the employment and entrepreneurial skills to help get them music-related careers. Throughout his two-decade plus career DJ Quest has always been as much of an inspiration and educator to aspiring DJs as he has been an artist/performer - using the turntable as a tool and sort of text book to educate and inspire. Last summer accompanied by talented young DJs he went down to Monterey County, CA where, as part of the Monterey County Free Libraries' (MCFL) Summer Reading 2012 program at several branches across the county he hosted several well-received scratch/hip-hop DJ turntable performances and Q+A seminars.

Quest's oldest son, DJ Train, got his start from growing up witnessing firsthand his dad's commitment to the ones-and-twos and over the years this teenaged son has become quite a talented DJ himself. In the Amoeblog video interview below Quest talks about both DJ Train and his other much younger son Lucas ("a young Mozart on the turntables") who similarly has automatically taken to the turntable and mixer set up. Other things discussed in the Amoeblog interview with DJ Quest, who in addition to his solo work is known as a founding member of both the Bay Area's Bullet Proof Space Travelers (formerly Bullet Proof Scratch Hamsters) and Live Human, include shopping at Amoeba and records as his "musical education," the importance of practicing for any DJ, his take on the recent DMC San Francisco Regional DJ battle that he was a judge at, his ongoing battle / break record series with DJ 2 Fresh, and how the Bullet Proof Scratch Hamster's pioneering 1993 release Hamster Breaks was not initially intended to be a DJ battle record.


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