Bike To Work Everyday, Not Just "Bike To Work Day"

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As you know May is National Bike Month and this week (May 13th to May 17th) is Bike To Work Week, with tomorrow (Friday May 17th) being Bike To Work Day - the one day out of the year everyone, not just the avid cyclists, are encouraged to abandon their gas guzzlers but instead take out their bikes and cycle to work. I encourage everyone to do this everyday, especially tomorrow - but if you simply cannot bike to work then I suggest after you get home from work you instead bike over to Amoeba and park you bike outside (as in the Amoeba Hollywood bike rack area pictured above) and go crate digging inside for records and CDs with songs about cycling/biking - including Queen's classic  "Bicycle Race" (with the refrain "I Want To Ride My Bicycle, I want to ride my bike"), "My White Bicycle" by Tomorrow, Kraftwerk's "Tour De France," and TV On The Radio's "Bicycles Are Red Hot." Oh and if you missed it when it was published last month here on the Amoeblog check out the excellent, in-depth psychedelic themed bicycle Amoeblog by Eric Brightwell's excellent, in-depth "Shifter and sugercubes -- Happy Bicycle Day" blog

In the LA area, a place where biking to work is not always feasible due to how spread out the metro area is, this week Metrolink is making it easier for folks to make the trip by offering to take you and your bike to work (or school,etc.) for free on Bike To Work Day.  Every Metrolink car can hold up to three bikes, and their special Bike Cars are designed to hold up to eighteen bikes, according to their website. Free ride offer is limited to one person per bike. For more information.

Meanwhile up in San Francisco Bike To Work Day was celebrated city-wide a week early on last Thursday, May 9th but  Bike Month is still being celebrated in the city by the Bay. San Francisco is a great city for biking in everyday and it is getting better and better each year with more bike lanes and facilities being added. For updates on new bikes lanes and other bikes developments and news visit the San Francisco Bike Coalition website whose mission statement is "promoting the bicycle for everyday transportation" - something I am in full agreement with.

Personally I feel that, like Black History Month, a National Bike Month should not be necessary at all: that we should all bike everywhere all the time, at least as much as possible. And I can't help but see the humor or irony when a friend of mine tells me how they are driving their car to go to spin class or to the gym to work out when all they have to do is simply make cycling their primary mode of transportation and skip the gym altogether. And I can only imagine if, heaven forbid, that federal or local governments were to make laws to limit car use to cut down on gas usage, and instead encourage citizens to cycle to work and give them tax breaks and cash incentives like they do in such countries as Ireland where you get a 1000 Euro ($1300) money back offer if you purchase a bike to cycle to work. If car use was limited by law in the US I predict the ensuing public outrage would be similar to that of American gun fanatics who fear the government is trying to take away their precious weapons away. It will never happen, and it shouldn't have to. People should want to not drive so much and to cycle everywhere as much as possible. It is good exercise, money-saving, and good for the environment. Click for more on National Bike Week.

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