New 12" Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 5/5 - Motor City Drum Ensemble, Recloose, Container, Legowelt, Tiago and more!

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Container - TreatmentContainer



Nashville producer Ren Schofield continues his strange odyssey with his strongest tracks yet via Italy's Morphine records (Morphosis, Hieroglpyhic Being). Previous releases forSpectrum Spools have shown the producer (and admitted techno outsider) plying the tough sounds issued by labels like Stroboscopic Artefacts,though his formatives are the legendary early-00s Providence, RI noise scene. Here, Schofield has found the perfect drum sounds for his uncompromising tracks. The rhythm tracks in "Saturated" have as much to doThis Heat or even Arab On Radar as they doJamal Moss- the end result feels like a more incisive version ofAphex Twin'"Didgeridoo". The title track starts with martial post-punk drums before taking a brutal trip into delay and dynamics that would give any industrial-techno producer a run for their money. Closer "Obstruction" sounds a bit likeKassem Mosse mixed by Wolf Eyes.

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Commanchee's RevengeCommanchee's Revenge

Commanchee's Revenge/Tetrahedron


Danny Wolfers continues his tear with yet another high-concept alias. The press material for Commanche's Revenge suggest Danny was inspired by the trance sounds of Jam & Spoon, yet these cosmic, arpeggiated tracks also seem heavily influenced by John Carpenter, or perhaps the De Palma/Moroder team-ups, as borne out by this Carrie-quoting promo clip.

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Muscle 002Vape/Vulcano

Muscle 002


Diverse release from the odd birds behind Muscle Records.Vape is the duo of Perseus Traxx and Marco Shuttle, Vulcano is the italotechno project of the Riviera band. Vape starts out with "Antonella", an edit of a bouncy italo number which they proceed to pervert with analog grime. On "Raid" the duo looks to 80s arcade games as the inspiration for an epic-303 journey. The mix of classic dance sounds and raw machine funk make this record sound like something Jeff Mills would have made full use of for his alien WJLB broadcasts.

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Legowelt - Actress RemixesLegowelt

Elementz of Houz Music (Actress Remixes)

Clone Jack for Daze

Compelling remixes of the Hague mainstay by the singular UK producer. The A-side pushes the Satie meets Chicago feel of the original, a highlight from Legowelt's "The Paranormal Soul" full-length. Actress peels back the hi-hats and layers of melody, emphasizing the syncopated bass and floating chords of the original. He slows things down considerably for his second remix, a narcotic 12-minute long viber as sparse as anything Raime has ever done. Actress eventually slows things down even more ala DJ Screw - when the beat emerges again, it is are joined by the snippets of the original's melody - a revelation at this pace.

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3 Chairs - Demi Gods3 Chairs



The Detroit supergroup returns on Mahogani with their first release in 7 years. The press release accompanying this 12 inch reads, "New material from Marcellus Pittman, Kenny Dixon Jr., Rick Wilhite, and Theo Parrish aka Three Chairs. Nuff Said..." Beautiful Detroit house from the masters. "Elephant Ankles" is an amalgam of beautiful pads, fusion guitar, horns and an appropriately triumphant piano line. Watch the throne.

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Cosmic Kids - Reality on the HorizonCosmic Kids

Reality On The Horizon

Let's Play House

Joyful new release from the rising LA crew. "Manteiga" is sure handed edit house, bits of funk guitar and dubbed-out horns are eventually joined by a massive disco-indebted bassline. "Whisper Softly" is in the mood for love, with fluttering piano arpeggios adorning low-slung boogie-funk."Higgs Boson" is the record's highlight - a poignant filter-house track based on The Zombies "The Way I Feel Inside".

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Ike Release - Dream SequencerMa Spaventi

The Jungle

M O S Recordings

Ike Release

Dream Sequencer

M O S Recordings

New releases from Aroy Dee's M O S label are always worthy of excitement, and this week we've got two superb releases from Amsterdam's most wild and wooly imprint. Ma Spaventis' "The Jungle" is appropriately the more untamed of the two. The title track is built around an immediately recognizable eight-bar bassline which becomes the basis for an epic psych-jack journey. Justin Vandervolgen gives a clear demonstration on how "The Jungle" can take a set to space at around 6:30 here. On 10-inch peach-marbled vinyl.

Ike Release delivers with three tracks of Detroit-inspired future funk. The pads on opener "Cosmic Supreme" are comprable to those on Model 500's legendary "Starlight". The way he mixes in an unruly mid-range synthline as counterpoint makes this one stand out. The rest of the record follows a similar, winning formula, placing wild acid lines against pristine pads.

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Tiago - JoojooTiago



The first release on his new label Interzona shows Portugese Balearic don Tiago providing a sampler of his compelling and freaked-out sound. Joojoo is nutty pseudodisco that takes liberties with what sounds like a Brazilian sample. "Interzona" works around a more somber synth motif, but keeps things airy with live hand-percussion. The record's highlight is "Maquina Dos Sonhos", a tidal, future balearic classic.

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Panorama Bar 05Various Artists

Panorama Bar 05

Ostgut Ton

The sampler for Steffi's highly anticipated P-Bar mix shows the expert dj flexing underground muscle, pulling exclusives from Fred P, Juju and Jordash andBig Strick. Fred P's track starts with a finessed, syncopated bass line, which sets the stage for deep pads and subtle jack. J & J are in amped-up mode for their contribution, weaving a circuitous bassline into a triumphant horn sample. Big Strick's "Hayday" is mannered deep house that works odd percussion patterns to awesome effect.

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Motor City Drum Ensemble - Send a PrayerMotor City Drum Ensemble

Send a Prayer


Since succumbing to the exhaustion of the professional dj’s schedule, Danilo Plessow has kept a low-profile on the ever-crowded analog/sample-based deep house scene. Regardless, the impact of the Raw Cuts series, and his amazing, genre-hopping DJ Kicks entry is still palpable. KDJ himself still drops Raw Cuts #5 regularly.

Eager fans won’t be disappointed with "Send A Prayer" - Plessow hasn’t lost a step. There are four basic elements to Like a Prayer No. 1: A female vocal, a string drone ripped from vinyl, and a longing, gospel vocal begin the record. Soon, the organ riff drops and it’s on. Pt. 2 starts with applause and digital piano patch that serves as the instrumental basis for so many baptist exhortations. Plessow eventually drops into a track that would fit in the Raw Cuts series, albeit sticking to the more redemptive theme this record seems to follow. "The Stranger" finds MCDE in Chicago tribute mode, veering away from the samples into more jacking territory. Nothing particularly new here, but the return to form is welcome.

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Recloose - Andres, Oliverwho FactoryRecloose

Andres/Oliverwho Factory Remixes

Rush Hour

Erstwhile Detroit-son Recloose hands over material from his seductive recent eps to the producers who continue to keep techno’s birthplace relevant. AndrĂ©s mixes his hip-hop, brazilian and soul influences into a house winner on his remix of “Electric Sunshine”. The remix maintains the airy, psychedelic feel of the original while adding a Dilla-influenced bassline. Serious 8-mile roller disco business. Oliverwho Factory comes a little harder on the B before letting the original track’s innate prettiness shine through.

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