We Got You! (Or At Least Some Of You)

Posted by Gomez Comes Alive!, April 5, 2013 09:11am | Post a Comment
It's now official. You've been had.

No. Cut Chemist is NOT selling his entire record collection to Amoeba. In fact, we suspect that records just naturally gravitate to his house. But he was in on the joke and part architect of the fake post, along with Nancy 
Arteaga, who helped orchestrate the whole thing. We managed to hammer it out last minute, as the idea came at 11 PM, March 31st. Cut gave us some great quotes about how juicing and meditation was changing his life (Which is actually true) He went as so far as taking
a picture with the infamous Mulatu 7" that he mentioned in blog at the Amoeba warehouse just to throw off some of the naysayers. Like his records, Cut Chemist takes April Fool's Day seriously.

Most people knew it was a prank, some didn't. Some folks started calling the store and became irate once they found out they've been April fooled. Some became inspired, that someone who spent a lifetime collecting records would downsize and simplify life through health and spirituality. Even some of Cut's closest associates got duped. DJ Nu-Mark posted the fake blog on his Facebook page commenting that, " f**kin Lucas (Cut) woke me up on some arm pit sweating sh*t. Ya got me....I'm awake now. Jesus. Can't put it into words. Good one Cut, and very creative as usual" 

Cut mentioned that a someone ran to Stone Throws recording artist J Rocc home to tell him what he had read, which prompted J Rocc to call Cut immediately on the phone. On the Amoeba side, Chadwick W.C., who I gave fake quotes to in the blog, was temporarily upset that such a huge record buy would be done without him knowing. That is until he read the whole blog. (By the way Chad, have a great tour)

It wasn't meant to be malicious and it was all done in fun. For those of you who thought they could easily acquire every great record ever made, keep digging. I feel that the best part of digging for vinyl is the journey one takes to find it. For those who were inspire to simplify life, go on that path, it's calling you. And to those who knew it was a joke, I hope you enjoyed it.

In the end, it shows that we still love records, because no one would give a sh*t if Cut Chemist was selling 40 thousand MP3's to Amoeba, that's for sure.  

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