New Oakland Femcee Glam I. Rock Was Born Into Hip-Hop And Born To Rock The Mic

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Glam I. Rock "Feel" (2013)

At Glam I. Rock's in-store performance at Oaklandish last Friday evening the new female rapper from The Town delighted the hometown audience at the downtown retail store, that transforms itself in a concert space every first Friday of the month, as she ran through a string of songs off her recently released debut EP, The Feel (Savvie1ent/The Olive Street Agency). The 21 year old rapper was literally born into hip-hop since her mom is Oakland female rapper Nic Nac who came to fame two decades ago when she recorded with such artists as The LOX and Eve but most notably with Dru Down and the Luniz, and toured and performed with such legends as Too $hort, Ice Cube, and 2Pac.  Nic Nac has been a consistent positive influence in her daughter's artistic growth. "She's played a huge part in influencing me from a young age even before I was rapping.  Just being everywhere she was -- show rehearsals, video shoots, sessions. She had already put me in that element," Glam I. Rock told the Amoeblog in a recent interview noting that, in addition to her mom's music, some of the very first rappers she heard (and likely influenced her) from a  young age included A Tribe Called Quest, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Big Daddy Kane, The LOX, Jay-Z and Nas.

When comparing Bay Area and national rap/hip-hop music of today with that from two decades ago Glam I. Rock said that, "Everything back then didn't sound the same. And that's not just for Bay Area music. That’s just how music was. That's why we still play oldies and pay homage to the 90's. That's as far as radio goes, but what's good about today is that we can find that music on our own. We can choose what we eat now." As far as her unique stage name she said that, "I heard the name of a fashion style called glam rock and I always liked how it sounded. Then that turned into Glam.I.Rock, but it made me feel like people were going to think of me being this glamorous type of person. Not only that but I wanted it to mean something to me so I came up with the acronym "Good Lyrics and Music I Rock." Those good lyrics and music can be found on the eleven track The Feel where topics tackled range from, "relationships, thoughts/experiences that I've witnessed and personally went through, and feelings that I jot down." When asked what is her own personal favorite track she said that "M0bb1n" has been the one I naturally end up vibing to the hardest. It took me such a short time to finish the song and I believe it was because of it being exactly how I felt right in that moment."

As far as being a woman in a male dominated industry I wondered if Glam I. Rock found hip-hop encouraging of female artists? "I do believe there is an encouragement, but not the right encouragement," she said, weighing in on that age old topic of how come that there are not more female hip-hop artists compared to male hip-hop artits? "I really don't know, it’s easy for all guys to dress/look the same cause its male dominated.  I've heard more than less from men that they don't like female rappers, or maybe they don't like bad music." Look for future releases from Glam. I. Rock at Amoeba. Meanwhile download The Feel for free from her website and follow the artist on Twitter.

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