"A Community Event" - DJ Cue on Sunday's 2013 San Francisco DMC Regional DJ Battle

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The renaissance in the turntable arts and all it entails, including skratch music and hip-hop DJ battles, that began in the past couple of years - following a bit of a lull for close to a decade - continues its resurgence in San Francisco this weekend when, for the second year in a row after a noticeable six year absence, the prestigious DMC (now celebrating 30 years) DJ battle returns for a Bay Area regional battle. And considering that the Bay Area has long been viewed as one of the main epicenters of turntable culture and battle-DJing this is a most welcome return.

"We're excited for this one," said veteran San Francisco DJ/producer DJ Cue who as well as working behind the scenes will also be a special performer at the event. The 2013 DMC San Francisco Regional Battle takes place on Sunday afternoon/evening (April 28th) at Neck Of The Woods on Clement Street in The City. For his anticipated performance DJ Cue will be joined onstage by his longtime turntable crew partner DJ Quest who two decades ago, along with Eddie Def, formed the legendary San Francisco turntablist crew the Bullet Proof Scratch Hamsters (BPSH). At that time the BPSH crew made history by releasing the first DJ battle record, Hamster Breaks, something no doubt that will be on DJ Cue's mind on Sunday.
"I would say that this year marks a good twenty one years now that the Bay DJ's have been really solidly in the battle scene. Hamster Breaks came out twenty years ago. Invisbl Skratch Piklz won DMC twenty one years ago. And the DJ's from here have been strong ever since. Our history is strong here and we are together supporting the event and forward movement of the battle scene and to wherever it goes," said the Bay Area proud DJ Cue who is also one of the organizers of this weekend's event which he describes as a true group/community effort.

"The best way to sum up this year's event is to say we did this event as a community instead of it being just one promoter. The Skratchpad folks and I were really excited to be given the opportunity by Christie Z [Pabon] and the DMC to do this," said Cue of the event that, in addition to the actual DJ battle, will include showcases from CMG of The Conscious Daughters (Deeandroid is her new DJ), Deeandroid  & Celskiii, plus partyrocking DJs Ameriica and Vex One. Meanwhile the host of the event will be another Bay Area turntable icon DJ Apollo while the judges of the battle itself will include such other local DJ legends as DJ Qbert, Vin Roc, Pos Red, Quest, Mista-B, and Goldenchyld.  (I will also be one of the judges and hence will report on the outcome here later on the Amoeblog). The lucky winner of the DJ battle will go on to the US DMC Finals in NYC on August 3rd.
Then the Skratchpad produced after-party immediately following the battle at 9pm in the same venue will feature sets from Pam the Funkstress, DNZ, Chickenscratch, Mista-B and Robyn. "We tried to cover all chapters of the scene in the Bay from the early days of the battle scene to the present. The people showcasing and involved with the event are all contributors to the scene from world champions, to key showcasing DJ's, to innovators of styles. I don't think I could name all the achievements but this one here will be filled with so much history and talent it will be hard to miss it," said Cue. 

The DJ battle happens on Sunday April 28th from 2pm to 8pm (followed by a big after party at 9pm in same room) at Neck of the Woods 406 Clement St. San Francisco, CA 94118  21+ $15  2pm-8pm $15 advance and $20 at the door on Sunday. More info here and in flyer below.

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