Ready, Steady, GO! My picks for RECORD STORE DAY 2013!

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Hey kids! Do you know what this Saturday is?

Now, before you get all greenied on bleezing out in a cloud of puff-puff-pass for "Weed Day" or whatever the kids are calling their ritual observance of April 20th, you might just want to put a foot into your local Amoeba Music to participate in the sixth annual Record Store Day extravaganza! The limited and exclusive releases that drop especially for Record Store Day seem to increase with each passing year and the 2013 list is packed with tons of funky-fresh wax for all us vinyl nerds to gag and brag on.

When it comes to sifting my picks from the torrent I can't help but imagine how I would stack the offerings if I were HBIC of selecting RSD releases.Just off the top of my head, if I had my druthers, I'd demand a proper reissue of Don Cherry's Brown Rice LP for starters, but then I'd also have to have something berserk like a vinyl, possibly picture disc reissue of the rare Jimmy Webb written and America recorded soundtrack to the animated film The Last Unicorn, featuring vocals by the one and only Jeff Bridges. Maybe I could even convince Joanna Newsom to cover "Man's Road" for inclusion as a bonus track just to push the whole package over the top. Oh, if only I could have Record Store Day my way...but I can't complain, really. A girl can dream and there plenty to enjoy this year, here are some of the items I'm particularly excited about:

The Cal Tjader Trio - S/T (Fantasy 3-9)

DETAILS?: this ripe slice of jazz'oxtica on 10" orange wax was originally released in the 1950s but this coming Saturday it can be all yours, or rather, all mine! Of all the RSD 2013 releases I think my teenage self would be most surprised at my anticipation of this. I mean, sure I'm excited about the Built To Spill Live 2LP reissue as it is too amazing and has been too scarce for far too long to not have already been reissued already. And while I find those RSD Side By Side 7" singles on yummy colored vinyl titillating, especially the Deep Purple/Type O Negative double-take of "Highway Star" and The Misfits/The Lemonheads alike brandishing "Skulls," there is nothing in the "nice price" range that lights my fire quite like this right here.

Various Artists - Cotillion Records: Soul 45s (1968-1970)??

DETAILS: I'm not gonna lie, I can't afford this reissue set of ten, mostly scarce 7" vinyl singles (all from 1968-1970), but lawd do I ever wish I could! Includes 8-page booklet, a selection of stickers and a Cotillion 45 adapter housed in a cute-ass clamshell box, adding further stressing my willpower to not spend my "not a money" on this beast as it validates the argument that buying this box of minty repressings, remastered from the original vault tapes, will actually save you money were you to consider what it would cost to track down and acquire originals of these very rare, possibly very used, and definitely very expensive little platters. Cotillion was one of the most famous subsidiaries of Atlantic Records and spanned many genres with its catalogue in later years but is still chiefly remembered for the early Southern soul releases from the likes of Otis Clay, Moses Smith, and Darrell Banks. Also includes a coupon for mp3 downloads whatever that is.

Cheech & Chong featuring Alice Bowie - "Earache My Eye" b/w "Turn That Thing Down"

DETAILS: what more is there to say about this RSD Exclusive green vinyl 7" housing far-out deep grooves within a insanely hip (hep?) picture sleeve? The only thing I can think of that only furthers the appeal of this incredibly relevant, culturally important reissue are the timeless lyrical turns of phrase that flesh out the title track. You may not realize it at first listen but when you manage to work word combinations like "fanny perpandicular" into everyday conversation you'll know the triumph of that "Earache My Eye" moment you spanned not so long ago that it felt like only yesterday.

Music From The Television Series The Girl From U.N.C.L.E.

DETAILS: Ohhh baaaaaaby!
Format: 12" Vinyl
Label: Varese Sarabande
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release
More Info: Lonnnnng out of Print

Are you kidding me?! Even if this show was kinda crappy, there is no denying that look, those colors and this bossa jazz lounge joint is a choice soundtrack for all you cool cool cats looking to score sexy kitten-play what pairs well with meticulously crafted cocktails and a few tickets to the moon.

Golden Void - "Rise to the Out of Reach" b/w "Smiling Raven"

DETAILS?: I don't know why purveyors of rad, heavy psych "stoner" monoliths like Golden Void seem to be falling short of reaching their true audience like they should. I mean, these Thrill Jockey rockers should've been slaying the airwaves yesterday. This exclusive RSD 7" from said Bay Area quartet, led by Earthless guitarist Isaiah Mitchell with Justin Pinkerton, Aaron Morgan, and Camilla Saufly-Mitchell (Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound) is, in my opinion, the most exciting "local" release in the cut in that it's guaranteed to fookin' rock! Limited to 700 copies, dood.


Testament - Dark Roots Covers

DETAILS: all the DIO-related releases are exciting and all but I'm feelin' the weight of this heavy platter -- a ?7" picture disc released exclusively for Record Store Day via Nuclear Blast? featuring Testament covering Iron Maiden's "Powerslave" and "Animal Magnetism" by the Scorpions. If you haven't heard Testament's take on "Powerslave" just imagine what the Maiden original would sound like if it was bludgeoned by Slayer's "Seasons in the Abyss" and -- whoomp! there it is -- it's 1990 again. Bonus points for their horror epic "Animal Magnetism" heavy.


Adrian Lloyd - "Lorna" b/w "Got a Little Woman"

DETAILS: sleezy oldies for your dirty boudoir show
Format: 7" Vinyl RSD Exclusive Release
More Info: Rare 45 from Riot on Sunset Strip era Los Angeles. The first time I heard this I couldn't help but recall one of the most amazingly bad films ever to receive the Mystery Science Theater 3000 treatment, Skydivers -- arguably the least unwatchable of the Coleman Francis ouevre, though that isn't saying much. But this little record, meeeow!

Various Artists - The Taste of Burger Records??     ~and~

Various Artists - Kill Rock Stars: The Compilations
DETAILS: be hep, buy cassettes! I don't know how the Burger joint stacks up offerings-wise but the KRS comp has 59 songs spread over three cassettes, classic samplers that have long been out of print -- what a bargain! Both of these are pretty limited (thus upping the ante on the hipness factor I suppose), there will only be 500 of the KRS box made so, you know, break out your boombox and stuff.

Dan Deacon - Konono Ripoff No 1

DETAILS?: This is a limited edition 7" (500 worldwide), housed in a hand numbered jacket with a cover taken by the winner of the crowd sourced Dan Deacon America Instagram contest. The songs exclusive to this release features two different versions of Konono Ripoff No 1 which have been a staple of Dan Deacon's recent live shows in the form of improv dance contests. I'm really into the Konono No 1 emsemble and I was ready to hate this even as I typed in the necessary words to search for footage of said "recent live shows" on YouTube. Not only do these songs not suck, I'm thinking to pick this one up.

Ty Segall - Ty Rex 2??

DETAILS: ?This 7" RSD Exclusive presented by Goner? sees Ty Segall revisiting his T. Rex fetish with a sequel to his first Ty Rex EP released in 2011 (and so very totally out of print already and stuff). Featuring Ty tackling "Cat Black (Wizard Hat)" with "The Motivator" on the flipside, this 45 presents two classic tracks pulled from either half of Marc Bolan's prolific career with the T. Rex project, the a-side being one of the last freak folk productions before Bolan ditched the hobbit, Steve Peregrine Took, on the gong. Of course "The Motivator" comes from the seminal Electric Warrior album. Supposedly, "each are interpreted in an intriguingly reserved, yet unflaggingly explosive style by San Francisco's favorite son" so, you know, could be coo. If I were wavering between snagging this or either RSD pieces from them other local boys Hanni El Khatib or Sonny Smith, this'd totes win the money vote.

Flaming Lips - Zaireeka

DETAILS: because Record Store Day just wouldn't be Record Store Day without a Flaming Lips exclusive. This 4LP box set comes with unique art specific to this release and a 12-page booklet. And, what's more, these records play at 45 RPM with unique colors for each LP so that when you finally get together four turntables to fully realize the massive uni-sound of this insanely abstract music project thingy, you won't get it twisted. I'm not all that into the Flaming Lips but I did once attend an Amoeba assembled Zaireeka coordination and listening shindig. It's a worthwhile experience that packs ample party potential into a aural psychedelic manifestation, do it!

Last Shop Standing DVD

DETAILS?: In honor of Record Store Day Blue Hippo Media? is releasing a special deluxe version of their film Last Shop Standing: The Rise Fall and Rebirth of the Independent Record Shop with 20 minutes of extras and outtakes. This stands out from the crop of 2013 RSD items in that it is, and I think most of my Amoeba friends and co-workers would agree, perhaps the most meta release of all. Inspired by the book of the same name by Graham Jones, the film charts the rapid rise of record shops in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, the demise of vinyl and rise of the CD as well as new technologies and more, with a focus on music retail in the UK.

But does it factor in the case and effects of the Record Store Day phenomenon?

Who can tell? All I know is that we need this as much as you do. Music is the one common language that unites our kind worldwide and the best way to show your support is to keep the dialogue alive by visiting your local record store. We're here for you as much as we are here for ourselves, the music and, for lack of a better way of articulating that soul-stirring feeling we derive from music enjoyment, the cosmic dance.

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