Record Store Day is Coming...And We've Been Saving Some Juicy Stuff for April 20

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 April 20 is almost here and you know what that means... RECORD STORE DAY!!! Our favorite holiday, celebrating the glorious musical community of independent record stores! Real record stores are where music lives and thrives, and anyone who works or shops at a neighborhood record store deserves their very own day of glory.

For Amoeba it's one of our best days of the year, when we throw open our doors and welcome one of the biggest communities of music lovers ever assembled under one roof. YOU ARE Record Store Day!

Of course there are hundreds of exclusive RSD releases, and folks line up hours in advance to grab the rarest of the rare. This year features the biggest lineup of exclusive releases yet, featuring records by everyone from The Cure to the Grateful Dead to Notorious B.I.G.. As always, line up early to snag those exquisite jams! The Coffee Bean is providing coffee for the early birds at Amoeba Hollywood, so they'll keep you nice and caffeinated that morning.

But it's more than just the RSD releases. We've been saving up treats and collections and goodies and rare stuff for months, and it's all hitting the floor on April 20th. It'll be a bonanza you won't want to miss! Our pricers and our warehouse staff have been prepping tons of rare records, posters, DVDs, books, 45s, toys and collectables, and piling it high in the warehouse in preparation for the big day. We're putting out bins and bins of fresh CDs in every department. Boxes and boxes of fresh 45s. It's like a whole holiday shopping season in one day and you're a part of it!

We've got special selections of vinyl in every genre, from rock to jazz to electronica. Tons of tasty prog and psych rarities waiting to hit the floor on April 20.

Record Store Day prep

Record Store Day Prep

We'll be blowing out tons of posters, everything from stoner blacklight relics to modern icons.

Record Store Day Poster prep


We've been saving up a special collection of world cinema, art house and avant-garde DVDs that is unlike anything you've ever seen in one place.

Record Store Day


Come shop our seriously amazing selection of cool stuff, we've been squirrelling it away for months and it's just about ready to hit the racks.

Record Store Day

We'll have tons of fun stuff going on, including DJ sets, in-store custom t-shirt silkscreening, prizes, giveaways, a huge turntable sale (25% off!!!), and plenty more. It's our big day to party, and we want you to party with us! See our full list of events for Record Store Day.

Last, but definitely not least, we'll have hundreds of the Limited Edition Record Store Day titles available exclusively at indie record stores on April 20. Download our list (.pdf) of RSD releases. These titles are limited to one per title per customer and are for in-store purchases only on Record Store Day (no holds, no phone orders).Can't be here in person on RSD? We'll have the remaining titles available for sale on starting Sunday, April 21.

Record Store Day Exclusives

Record Store Day at Amoeba

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