Record Store Day 2013 at Amoeba Hollywood - Part 2

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Record Store Day moved into Saturday afternoon at Amoeba Hollywood with a DJ set by Lance Rock, a former Amoebite and current Yo Gabba Gabba! ringleader. Lance has always had exceptional musical taste and it was a treat to hear his soundtrack for one of our busiest days of the year. A handful of kids turned out, excited to see DJ Lance Rock in person.

Lance Rock at Amoeba Hollywood Record Store Day

Lance Rock at Amoeba Hollywood Record Store Day

Next up was Lucinda Williams, who chatted with fans and picked out a playlist of her favorite songs, including gypsy jazz, Mark Lanegan and Chelsea Light Moving.

Lucinda Williams at Amoeba Hollywood for Record Store Day

Lucinda Williams at Amoeba Hollywood for Record Store Day

Lucinda Williams' playlist

It was been an incredibly busy morning (and afternoon) with the lines wrapping around the store. The main line for the registers even extended into the jazz room and bumped up against the prize wheel line at one point! But by about 5pm, things had slowed just enough to let us move the line for RSD13 titles into the store and put the remaining releases on the floor.

Record Store Day at Amoeba Hollywood

Record Store Day releases at Amoeba Hollywood

Jeff McDonald, the singer, guitarist and co-founder of Redd Kross, was our final guest DJ today, spinning an eclectic mix of K-Pop, rock including Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, oldies, pop and lots more.

Jeff McDonald at Amoeba Hollywood

Jeff Mcdonald at Amoeba Hollywood for RSD


Cartoonist and animator Rene Pompa drew caricatures in black and white or color, immortalizing kids of all ages on RSD13.

Rene Pompa at Amoeba Hollywood

Rene Pompa at Amoeba Hollywood

All in all today has been an amazing day full of incredible energy, passionate music fans, and very hard-working Amoebites. Part of the beauty of Record Store Day is that it attracts everyone from the longtime collectors to the die-hard music fans and the bargain hunters, as well as the people who haven't set foot in a record store in years! For several people we spoke to today, this was their first experience of Amoeba Music. If Amoeba can be overwhelming to a first-time visitor on a sleepy Monday morning, I can only imagine how their minds were blown today. 

Today wouldn't have been possible without our dedicated customers and our excellent staff who have worked tirelessly all day. Busy days like today can bring out the best (or the worst) in people and we have been blessed to be surrounded by the best of the best. Thank you to everyone who came out today for RSD13! We truly love and appreciate you all.


Record Store Day 2013 at Amoeba Hollywood
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