Weekly Roundup: Wavves, Earl Sweatshirt, Har Mar Superstar, Young & Sick

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Wavves – “Demon to Lean On” (Plus Preorder Afraid of Heights!)

Wavves AmoebaThe second released song from Wavves’ upcoming Afraid of Heights balances its various elements well — a simple riff building to a KROQ-friendly chorus with cool, watery guitars in the verses and soaring vocals. It sounds like the best bits of my high school CD collection condensed neatly to four minutes. Buzz Clips 4eva.

Preorder Afraid of Heights on CD or LP. It’s due March 26 on Mom + Pop. Also check out "Sail to the Sun" from Afraid of Heights.


Earl Sweatshirt – “Whoa”

Earl SweatshirtThe second taste of the new Earl Sweatshirt album, Doris, is full of sinister sounds — a reverbed out “whoaaa” that descends into the sewer, that ominous piano that creeps up halfway through, and a reference to “ol’ 2010 shit.” Could be referencing his backstory, about being plucked from obscurity by Tyler, the Creator (who appears on this track), joining Odd Future, releasing his first album at age 16 in 2010, then being sent away at  to boarding school in Samoa by his mother for getting into trouble. He’s been slowly re-emerging again, with big guest spots on Frank Ocean’s sublime “Super Rich Kids,” among other places. But from first track “Chum” and now this, Earl Sweatshirt’s past quasi-false starts and reintroduction will be a thing of the past once Doris drops. There’s no release date yet, so just keep an ear out. Am I the only one who wants to see this video made into a full film?


Har Mar Superstar – “Lady, You Shot Me”

Har Mar SuperstarIt’s been too long since we’ve heard from Har Mar Superstar. The king of crooning in his underpants returns with a pretty serious sounding soul track leading off his upcoming Bye Bye album, releasing April 23 from Cult Records. Perfect lo-fi production dirties up an otherwise lush opening of Sean Tillmann’s voice, set to slow drip with accompanying horns and funk guitars. The song then takes on a more straightforward beat and Tillmann’s voice carries the day through key changes, Strokesy drums and back into that soulful, slow beat.


Young & Sick – “Continuum”

There’s been a lot of locally brewed indie electro-soul released lately — Rhye, Inc., Shlohmo — and I ain’t complaining. Joining the pack are L.A.’s Young & Sick, a pretty little song of devotion whose composite parts are simple, but seem to gradually change and evolve in the background, thus hooking you and keeping you engrossed. It’s self-released for now, but I’d expect big things from Young & Sick. And unfortunately, that will the be the last entry for Weekly Roundup this week, as I’m pretty sick & not-so-young myself right now.

YOUNG & SICK - CONTINUUM by Mwhite1933


Shows This Weekend:

Friday: Local psych-pop band Haunted Summer is playing the third night of their residency at Casey’s in Downtown L.A. It’s free, it’s at 10 p.m. They’re great. Check them out at Soundcloud.

Saturday: Psychobilly event The Klubfoot takes place Friday, Saturday and Sunday at The Fonda Theatre. Tickets are on sale at Amoeba Hollywood for $60 (plus a $2 service fee). If you don’t make it to that, local garage bands Santoros, Death Hymn #9, Pool Honeys and Fleas are at The Smell for $5.

Sunday: Anarcho Punk Night at the The Echo for Part Time Punks, featuring a Crass tribute band. Show’s at 10, tickets are $8.

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