New 12" Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 3/22 - Daywalker + CF, Theo Parrish, Robert Hood, Robert Armani, Alex Burkat, Terekke, and more!

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Daywalker + CF

You Only Live Once



Quick-hit white label biz from L.I.E.S., who seemed poised to continue their breakneck release schedule into 2013. Here, Entro Senestre and the prolific Willy Burns (Trilogy, WT) trot out their Daywalker + CF alias, as featured on Gerd Janson’s Music for Autobahns compilation. The title track sets the tone for the varied synth journeys contained on this limited white-label. “You Only Live Once” is a gentle jacker with dueling melodic synth lines. A2 “Insectorium” takes an unexpected turn for motorik optimism - this track would fit in well with Ashra’s “Sunrain” or even Orbital’s “Belfast” - gorgeous stuff. Closer “Chamber” bottles that incredible feeling of lingering in the anteroom of a big room techno club. Limited.

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Secret Circuit - AfterlifeSecret Circuit


Beats in Space


Silverlake’s mad scientist Eddie Ruscha returns to Beats In Space with a heady release that builds upon the plethora of ideas on last year’s “Tropical Psychedelics” LP. Ruscha has honed his restless machines into a side of drippy, tasteful pop for “Afterlife”, a track built around an acid-influenced arpeggiated bass line. Ruscha uses this foundation to show off his songwriting chops, stepping forward with understated vocals before proving, once again, his commitment to psychedelic sound within the dance context. The Ukranian producer Vakula comes with a more floor oriented remix that recalls the live approach of peers Juju and Jordash. The remix ends with a haunting, warped vocal every bit as zonked as something off of a Charalambides record.


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Theo Parrish

Sound Sculptures Vol. 1

Sound Signature


A reissue of the valuable 2008 collection from Sound Signature, this collection makes a strong case for the Detroit Producer and DJ’s legend. In a way, Theo is the China of producers - while the rest of the world fights their wars and chases trends, they remain the same. That said, there is nothing rote about Parrish’s approach. This collection, as well as the steady stream of reissues and new material from the Detroit producer, evidence a restless ingenuity - while most producers would consider a track like “Love Triumphant” (included on the cd version of SS Vol. 1) a life's masterwork, for Theo, it’s just one of a multitude of rocks to upturn. Briefly, this vinyl collection compiles strange, deep jazzy house (“Twisted Friskie Biscuits”), devastating vocal tracks (“Soul Control”, “Second Chances”), edit mastery (“The Rink”), and the loping, jagged electrofunk Marcellus Pittman has made his M.O. with the Unirhythm label (“Synthetic Flemm”). All styles are imbued with a raw, handmade effect owned by the often imitated, never replicated producer.


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VIL-NX - Lazarus Theory Part 1VL-NX

Lazarus Theory Part 1



Like the record’s namesake, this record represents the resurrection of a 20-year old collaboration Nathaniel X and Hans Vil. As Nathaniel X’s recent “First Supplement” demonstrated, these guys haven’t lost a step, and the collaboration has yielded four new tracks of beautiful underground house music.”Bum Rush the Party” works around percussive piano stabs to build into a hip-house refrain responding to the age-old question: “Where are we going tonight?” Nathaniel X’s deep strings bring the track out on a gorgeous note. “Black Magic” is continues on the deep tip juxtaposing synth flute against jazzy pads and slightly swung percussion. The track drops out to the bassline revealing the track’s floor potential and resemblance to classic Kerri Chandler productions. “Supernova” mines the territory trod on the “First Supplement” ep, but the highlight might well be closer “Techno Roll”, which varies between a chopped up vocal and a melody you’ll be humming all day. Recommended.


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Robert Armani




A grab bag of classic Chicago tracks from Chiwax! A-side could be nicknamed the Dancemania side - Robert Armani’s “Arrow” kicks things off with the hottest sample cuts this side of Paul Johnson. The bass line is joined by the end of a guitar lick on the dreamy sample, while synthetic sax and Vangelis-like pads fill out the ace deep house track. Alvin Carr is up next with “Poison Mind” (Dancemania, 1997). This hypnotic roller takes a simple, Detroit inspired chord-sequence and uses jacking percussion to build a rhythmic monster. The b-side finds Armani more interested in synthesis, but without forsaking massive Chicago percussion. “The Power” is a prime example - a brief synth melody is flanked by meteoric strings, yet these details seem almost secondary to the prominent kick, clap and snare fills.


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Virgo Four Merwyn

Where Are You

Hot Mix


Great new release from one-half of Chicago House pioneers Virgo Four. The original track sticks to the nominal searching theme by pairing a classic bassline with ethereal synth vamping. Nicholas adds momentum via insistent set of chords and claps, a la Lil’ Louis. Veteran Japanese Producer/DJ Max Essa injects a krautrock pulse and delayed guitar into the original, his cosmic reading is damn near perfect. K & M adds some perfectly lackadaisical Rhodes work indebted to the aforementioned Mr. Parrish. Cool, varied release.


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Alex Burkat - Shower SceneAlex Burkat

Shower Scene

Mr. Saturday Night


Majesterial release from the fresh-faced NYC producer. Unsure whether Burkat is referring to the famous Hitchcock shower scene here, as this seems to be a more romantic, less sordid, affair. Gorgeous baroque strings provide the rhythmic drive of the track, yet swung drums and other production touches plant this piece firmly within 2013. Burkat either sampled or recorded a flute which strives for beauty and makes one mistake - the error lends the track a fragile humanity. Recommended! Resident selectors/Mr. Saturday Night label heads Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin work the subs and the atmosphere for a solid remix. Closer "Ammadomyownthing" is a swung deep house track with a huge buildup - the chord structure and percussion recalling MK.


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Terekke - DamnTerekke 


Damn EP



Worthy reissue of this heater from the early L.I.E.S. catalog. The tracks here are equally suited for home listening as they are adventurous dance floors. The murky synth work begins on “Damn”, which bangs or floats depending on how it’s EQ’d. “Pf Pf Pass” is an unlikely amalgam of Octave One’s “Blackwater”, Future Days and DJ Screw. Released a relative eon ago by dance music time (2011), this release holds up and will continue to do so.


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Robert Hood

Drive (The Age of Automation)

Music Man


Industrial-strength remix EP of this highlight off last year's lauded Nighttime World Part 3.Ø [Phase] ramps up the original's 21st Century Autobahn music into two stripped down bangers. Phase has obviously studied Hood's work closely, and remains reverent to the Detroit producer's vision of a music containing only what is necessary. The factory sound of Phase's "Nocturnal Mix" contains only the slightest hint of the see-saw bassline which drives the original, opting instead for a massive kick and alien atmosphere. The C-Box mix treads closer to the original, yet adds dub crackle and a brutal (yes, brutal) cowbell.


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Inter-dimensional Music



Essential reissue of the California new age pioneer's debut album. One of the first in his genre, the active composer diplays stunning musicianship on this landmark (yet still underdiscovered) record. An orchestra of instruments and synthesizers, nature sounds and unexpected genres are subsumed in Iasos' successful quest for transcendence. RIYL Steve Hillage's "Rainbow Dome Music", Emeralds, secular or spiritual meditation.


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Virgo Four: Where Are You-Nicholas 12"
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Persnickety All-Stars: Nice Presents 12"
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Fanon Flowers: Phenomenal Ep 12"
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Various: Manifest #3 12"
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Mike Steva: Visions Of Paradise 12"