Time For A New Favorite T-Shirt

Posted by Amoebite, March 11, 2013 06:55pm | Post a Comment

With the first day of spring nearly a week away, I'm going to take the time to clean out my closet a bit and get rid of all my old T-shirts and socks with rat holes in them. Seriously. I personally know how painful it can be to get rid of an old T-shirt, but I don't want to walk around looking like a scrub come springtime.

Rats! - You Ruined My Shirt!
Hey Rat! You destroyed my favorite Spin Doctors tee!

Lucky for me, this opens up a lot of space in my closet for new shirts. All three Amoeba stores have gotten in all sorts of new shirts lately that are soft to the touch on my delicate winter skin. Not just rock shirts either, but there are some hip-hop, folk, jazz, and even film-related shirts.

R. Crumb's Robert Johnson Shirt, Sonic Youth Goo Shirt, Beastie Boys License To Ill Tour, The Smiths  - T-Shirts
Robert Johnson  -  Sonic Youth  -  The Beastie Boys  -  The Smiths

Abba, Bad Brains, Battle Royale, Municipal Waste - T-Shirts
ABBA  -  Bad Brains  -  Battle Royale  -  Municpal Waste

Miley Likes 'em!
Photoshopped Miley lovveeees Amoeba.

Led Zeppelin, Humpty Dance, Joy Division, A Tribe Called Quest - T-Shirts
Led Zeppelin  -  The Humpty Dance  -  Joy Division  -  A Tribe Called Quest

Ol' Dirty Bastard, Suicidal Tendencies, Circle Jerks, The Flaming Lips - T-Shirts
Circle Jerks  -  The Flaming Lips  -  Ol' Dirty Bastard  -  Suicidal Tendencies

Personally, I prefer wearing those newer soft tees that don't make it feel like you're wearing a cardboard box. [I'm looking' at you cut-for-a-linebacker, BEEFY-T…. brrrtttt] Those shirts take years to wear down into comfortable condition. Life is short. Give me comfort now!

One Shirt To Rule Them All!
Soft Metal Tees designed by Kii gets you all the girls.
Available in four styles only at Amoeba Hollywood.

There's plenty of time to come in and find your new favorite T-shirt and wear the hell out of it before the summer even begins. See ya at Amoeba!