Part Two of Interview with Fabian Jolivet of New Orleans Benefit "The Congo Square Project" Distributed Exclusively By Amoeba

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As outlined in the previous pre Fat Tuesday preview / Amoeblog interview with drummer Fabian Jolivet (the compiler and producer of the  Congo Square Project that Amoeba is exclusively distributing with all proceeds benefiting New Orleans relief efforts) Amoeba Music is wholeheartedly continuing its undying commitment to doing our bit in the still much needed recovery and rebuilding in the Gulf Coast area of New Orleans. Last week Amoeba unveiled the 14 track The Congo Square Project Foundation: Sacred Ground Volume 1 in the series and this week we are unveiling the anticipated sequel, The Congo Square Project Foundation:  Sacred Ground Volume 2.

And we are once again giving away a free download from this newest volume. Yes, even though we are practically giving away the full album for only $5.99 (Note: with all proceeds going to NOLA) we are also giving away completely free download tracks at no cost. Last week Amoeba gave away a free download copy of "Shallow Water" by The Young Guardians of The Flame off Vol 1, and this week we are offering for free download a copy of "Down by the Riverside" by Washboard Chaz.

This weekend, between studio sessions, I caught up again with Fabian to ask him specifically about these two free download tracks from the Sacred Ground Volumes 1 and 2 in the six-part Congo Square Project Foundation series being sold exclusively by Amoeba Music. Regarding the free download being launched this week, "Down by the Riverside" by Washboard Chaz, Fabian notes that this traditional gospel song, that was first published almost a full century ago but written many years before that, has also gone by such other titles as "Gonna Lay Down My Burden" and "Ain't Gonna Study War No More" and been recorded numerous times over the years by various artists. "One night I was walking the streets of New Orleans taking musical Polaroids, trying to do my best Alan Lomax impersonation, when I heard the colorful Washboard Chaz play his rendition of this Black gospel plantation classic singing, "I ain't go study war no more, study war no more, ain't go study oh war no more. Gonna lay down my sword and shield. Down by the riverside…" To Fabian these lyrics, sung by a Woody Guthrie type traditionalist, seemed perfectly in tune with the current political/economic climate. "I immediately invited him to come on-board the project," said Fabian, quickly noting how, "[I] wished politicians could learn to sing that wise song too!"

Fabian went on to record the traditional New Orleans gospel track in its rightful environment in the Crescent City - at the Music Shed in New Orleans with the assistance of engineers Eric Corne and Chris Finney - while finishing up the track's mastering back in Los Angeles. Regarding last week's free download from Sacred Ground Vol. 1 - "Shallow Water" performed by The Young Guardians of The Flame and featuring Big Chief Markeith Tero - Fabian shared that, "Big Chief Markeith Tero tells the uncensored story of his peoples' courage during Hurricane Katrina: the government agents blowing up the levees, sacrificing the Ninth Ward [low income district of New Orleans] to save the rich white areas from flooding."

Fabian stressed how the indigenous vocalist experienced suffering first hand, witnessing, "the true suffering of his own grandmother. Yes, the Indians were all left broken and scattered by this tragedy!" Like "Down by the Riverside" by Washboard Chaz this track was also recorded down at New Orleans' Music Shed studios and mastered back in Los Angeles by Pete Doell at Universal Mastering Studios. Both songs are available for free download from Amoeba. Get your Free Download  of "Shallow Water" by The Young Guardians of the Flame, and check back here on Tuesday (Feb 5th) for the free download link of Wasboard Chaz's "Down By The Riversdie."

Right now you can purchase a download of the entire Sacred Ground Vol 1 for only $5.98 with all the proceeds are going directly to NOLA. and you can also purchase Sacred Ground Vol. 2 for only $5.98.  Meantime check out the CongoSquareProject website Thank-you!

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