New Deftones Vinyl Release of The Sac-Town Alt-Metal Band's "Koi No Yokan" Out Today

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In addition to all the exciting new releases listed by Billy Gil in the Albums Out Jan 22nd Amoeblog (immediately below this) there is also a new vinyl release by alt-metal kings the Deftones (pictured left) being released today. It is a vinyl version of the longtime hard rocking NorCal band's current Koi No Yokan album that dropped a couple of months ago on CD and, most agree, is a return to form for the band that ruled things in their sphere of metal back in the 90's.

The new vinyl format of Koi No Yokan, being released by Warner Brothers, is a limited edition (3,000 units) pressing in 140-gram black vinyl. There are some other exclusive pressings too including an international edition (import) of the record that is being pressed up a on 180-gram vinyl configuration. The CD version of Koi No Yokan is still readily available at Amoeba and worth picking up. The Sacramento band's seventh studio album, it debuted at No. 11 on the Billboard Top 200 chart when it was released November 13th and was equally popular at Amoeba for such songs as its first single "Tempest" (lyrics video below). In support of Koi No Yokan the Deftones are currently gearing up for a spring headlining tour of the East Coast, the South, and Canada that spans the whole month of March. No West Coast dates announced as of yet but check out the Deftones' official band website for updates on that.

This Deftones release is just the latest in a string of vinyl releases by Warner Brothers and other major labels. And what is a tad ironic about this fact is that it was Warner Brothers and the other majors who we must remember, just two decades ago, had so vehemently set out to kill off vinyl with the then (supposedly) superior digital CD format which, not too coincidentally, had a much higher profit ratio over vinyl for the record labels. Now the majors like Warner are merely following the lead of what the smaller indies have been doing all along; releasing records for music fans who want them. This is a good thing. As a record collector I just wished they hadn't tried to phase out vinyl completely back in the early 90's.

Deftones "Tempest" (lyric video version)

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