"Dublin" Theme of This Year's "Vibe For Philo" Honoring Thin Lizzy's Phil Lynott

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Thin Lizzy "Dublin" (1971) song + Dublin slideshow

Tomorrow, January 4th 2013, marks the 27th anniversary of the death of Thin Lizzy front-man Phil Lynott who died from complications of an apparent drug overdose at age 36. It also marks the 27th year back in the artist's Dublin hometown that the beloved legendary Irish rocker will be honored again with the big Vibe For Philo celebration. Begun as a humble, heartfelt low-key gathering by fans and friends to mourn his tragic passing in the days following his January 1986 death, Vibe For Philo morphed into an annual event that has steadily grown over the years. It is now a three-day, mini festival like celebration with a slew of Thin Lizzy tribute acts that draws Lynott and Lizzy fans from all over to the Irish capital of Dublin. Coincidentally the theme of this year's Vibe For Philo, which begins today (Jan 3rd), is "Dublin."

According to Vibe For Philo organizer Smiley Bolger this Lynott-hometown named theme was inspired from the song "Dublin" off the 1971 New Day 7" EP on UK Decca. "Philip got it spot on when he wrote: How can I leave this town that brings me down, Has no jobs, is blessed by God and makes me cry. Dublin." Indeed considering the current dire economic state of the recession era Ireland (one that makes today's US economy look almost robust) this 2013 Vibe For Philo theme is most fitting.  

Like the early 1970's era Dublin with "no jobs" that Lynott sang about the current dismal Irish economy is back at that same unfortunate place. The once boisterous Irish economy took a double whammy of a blow when it crashed and burned about five years ago. After enjoying the almost surreal dozen plus years of the bubble that was Ireland's so-called "Celtic Tiger" (1994 - 2007) it crashed hard and fast. To make a bad situation worse this economic collapse coincided with the global banking scandals that brought down other countries. Currently Ireland, which during its Celtic Tiger years was for the first time experiencing an influx of immigrants, is now back to its old status when emigration (usually to the US, UK, or Australia) was the only option for survival for many Irish. So high were those numbers (76,000 for the 12 months leading up to April 2012) that they are now at the highest point since the devastating Irish potato famine of the 1800's.

The acts scheduled to perform at Vibe For Philo include Father Jack, The Low Riders, The Thin Lizzy Experience, Dubh Linn Boys (aka Irish Lizzy Experience), Elevation Falls and The Harleys. The event starts today (Thursday Jan 3rd) with the Pre Vibe party at The Grand Social in The Loft 8pm with a freeform dress rehearsal/sound check session from most of the bands, including Father Jack, that will be performing at the "main event." The Main Event happens tomorrow (the actual anniversary date, Jan 4th) at 8pm at The Button Factory at Curved Street in the Temple Bar district with the aforementioned Lizzy tribute/cover bands performing.

As is tradition Phil's mother Philomena Lynott, who handles his business estate and co-wrote with Jackie Hayden the Lynott biography My Boy: The Phil Lynott Story, is expected to grace the stage to say a few words to the audience that travel to Ireland from as far away as Japan and the USA for the annual Vibe For Philo. At the same venue the following afternoon (Jan 5th) at 2pm will be an all ages "Young Rockers Matinee" event with such bands as Elevation Falls. Then a few hours later at 830pm at the same venue is the closing party with a set from Unknown Territory. More info on the 27th Annual Vibe For Philo.  Previous Amoeblogs on Phil Lynott including a cool one from last August by fellow Lizzy fan Kelly S Osato on the Lizzy reissue by Light In The Attic and one I did on The Philip Lynott Exhibition in the Stephens Green Center in Dublin in 2011.  And check this link for Thin Lizzy releases available from Amoeba Music.

Thin Lizzy "The Rocker (live in Germany, 1973)"

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