Cinefamily Telethon Line-Up: Round 1

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The Cinefamily’s Fantastic, Elastic 24-Hour Holiday Telethon is BACK!

On December 15th & 16th (from 1pm-1pm), The Cinefamily will incrementally lose what’s left of our minds on a national scale, AGAIN, over one 24-hour period of non-stop programming.

This year, we’re raising money for both our 2013 annual fund and some much need renovations -- but doing a telethon is so much fun, it’s almost a reason unto itself, no? And this one is going to be extra special, ‘cause we’re also celebrating five years of wild, weird, and wonderful programming by stuffing as much of the careful curation and gonzo fun we’re known for into one uninterrupted day -- one guaranteed to provide something terrific for every member of our audience.

We want you to join us in what’s going to be the best holiday party / fundraiser / celebration of cinema / slate of programming-as-performance-endurance-art you’ve ever seen. Watch it all online at (thanks to a live stream brought to you by our friends at Cinespia).

Or, come FREE to the Silent Movie Theatre, to be part of our live studio audience.

And check out our Kickstarter video -- it’s actually pretty fun. Watch this, share this, get the word out.

There will be special guests. There will be vittles and libations. There will be Dublab DJs on the patio. There will be a live band with us the entire time to play folks on and off, like a real variety show. In fact, we’re STILL programming the thing right up to the last minute, and the guests keep rolling in.

Hell, if you know someone who’d be incredible to have in this year’s telethon, let us know! (We still love that YouTube clip where Bob Dylan and Harry Dean Stanton just showed up at the Chabad Telethon.)

Are you there, God? It’s me, Cinefamily. Please send us Bill Murray. We’re putting that on the marquee.

TELETHON Confirmed Guests & Events, Round One (with MUCH MORE to come, all subject to change):

    • ROBERT! DOWNEY! JR.! will open a time capsule left for him that we found underneath the projection booth. Seriously.
    • Performances and presentations by some of Cinefamily's FAVORITE HUMANS EVER, including NICK OFFERMAN and NEIL HAMBURGER -- and JOHN HAWKES playing guitar!
    • Interview with MARK MOTHERSBAUGH of Devo, via satellite -- a disembodied discussion with the demigod of devolution!
    • Screenwriting guru ROBERT MCKEE skyping in for an hour and answering audience questions. He will be on the big screen like the great and powerful Oz!
    • ANIMATION BREAKDOWN presents Cloud Eye Control's MIWA MATREYEK's gorgeous, world-renowned live animation performance! And, PHIL LORD (director of 21 Jump Street, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs and the upcoming LEGO movie) presenting amazing LEGO FAN FILMS
    • A very special live “NITE OWL” late-night talk show featuring CUT CHEMIST, ERIC WAREHEIM, GUY MADDIN, UDO KIER, TEARIST, JOHN HAWKES and MORE
    • Simpsons director DAVID SILVERMAN'S FLAMING TUBA
    • Cracked Out with JON DALY & BRETT GELMAN, and their new doc by JASON WOLINER
    • FYF PRESENTS a special "greet the sun" concert including a series of live scores at dawn by YACHT
    • A FOUND FOOTAGE PARTY featuring a sneak peak at EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE's completely nuts X-MAS SPECIAL
    • TRAILERS FROM HELL, with top Hollywood directors and writers giving live commentary to their favorite trailers.
    • Cult Films with DUNCAN TRUSSEL
    • A special X-mas show by the BOB BAKER MARIONETTE THEATER
    • A special presentation of “Madvertising”, featuring title sequence designer and commercial-making genius PABLO FERRO

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