In Memoriam: 2012

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As the year comes to an end, we pause to remember those who have passed this year. Click on the photos to see our bloggers’ tributes earlier this year.


Austin Peralta, pianist/composer

austin peralta



Whitney Houston, singer

Whitney Houston












Ravi Shankar, musician

Ravi Shankar









Donna Summer, singer

Donna SUmmer


Adam Yauch, rapper/musician (Beastie Boys)

Adam Yauch










Don Cornelius
, “Soul Train” creator

Don Cornelius







, s


Etta James, inger


Mike Kelley, artist/musician



John Napier, musician (Ethyl Meatplow)

John Napier



Robert B. Sherman, songwriter (The Sherman Brothers)

Robert shermanRobert B. Sherman, Richard M. Sherman and Walt Disney



Chris Reimer, musician (Women)
Chris Reimer Women



Teddy Charles, jazz musician

TEddy Charles













Susan Tyrrell
, actress

susan tyrrell










Jimmy Castor
, musician
Jimmy Castor


Phyllis Diller, comedian

Phyllis Diller



















Jon Lord, musician (Deep Purple)

Jon Lord



Matthew Africa, DJ

Matthew Africa


 Michael Davis, musician (MC5)

Michael Davis









Dave Brubeck, musician

Dave Brubeck


Bob Welch, musician

Bob Welch


Johnny Otis, musician/DJ

Johnny Otis


Jenni Rivera, singer/actress

Jenni Rivera



Ben Gazzara, actor

Ben Gazzara















Dick Clark
, TV host

Dick Clark














Maurice Sendak
, author

Maurice Sendak


















Robin Gibb, singer/musician (The Bee Gees)

Robin Gibb












Andy Griffith, actor

Andy Griffith
















Ernest Borgnine
, actor

Ernest Borgnine
























Tony Scott, director

Tony Scott














Larry Hagman
, actor

Larry hagman













Neil Armstrong
, astronaut

Neil Armstrong
















George Lindsey, actor

George Lindsey














Ralph McQuarrie
, artist/designer

mcquarriestar wars mcquarrie









Andrew Sarris
, film critic

Andrew Sarris












Jean “Moebius” Giraud
, comics artist

Jean Mobius













Andy Williams, singer

Andy Williams






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