15 Gift Ideas From Amoeba

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Amoeba Hollywood can be an overwhelming place in terms of volume, with close to 700,000 CDs, DVDs, LPs and Blu-rays alone. So it may be easy to overlook some of the many other items we have on sale. For instance, did you know we sell Hello Kitty glasses? I didn’t, and I pass by these things every day.

hello kitty

I was going to do a list of 10 gift items at Amoeba, but really there is just too much to keep it to 10. Read about 15 gift ideas beyond regularly price/used CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, video games and vinyl … (See a gift guide of CDs, vinyl and DVD/Blu-ray here. Buy gift certificates here. Check out our turntables here. More gift ideas here.)



star wars toys

Who doesn’t love toys? Star Wars, The Simpsons, Kiss and other toys appear near the info counter and behind the registers, many of which are in the $10 range.









Amoeba’s got a score of headphones from low- to high-end, from subway-style earbuds to DJ-booth big boys. Skullcandy, Urbanears, Sony, eskuche and more, from under $20 to around $60.


Record Store Day Releases

record store day

We got our second helping of Record Store Day releases on Black Friday this year, and there are still plenty of titles in stock, including M83’s “Reunion” remixes. Look for the Record Store Day display to see what else we still have in stock.



booksamoeba booksamoeba books

Amoeba Hollywood’s new book section grows by the day. Tons of art, music and specialty books line the shelves in our book section, while new arrivals appear every day. (Tip: You can unload used books at the buy counter, too, along with your used CDs/DVDs/Blu-rays/LPs.)



jimi hendrix puzzle

These puzzles are ideal for the classic rock aficionado. For $24.98 you can have Jimi Hendrix’s Axis: Bold as Love in puzzle form, among other classic album puzzles. Finish it and hang it up!



soul jazz bagsamoeba bags

Totes, purses, backpacks and record bags pop up around the store, like these nifty Soul Jazz ones for $26.


Signed Paraphernalia

lou reed new sensation signedAmid the rare wall records, there’s plenty of signed posters, records and other items scattered around the store. This signed copy of Lou Reed’s New Sensation goes for $40.













Wall Records

siamese dream vinyl

Oh, speaking of wall records, there are a ton of those all the time! If someone wants to buy me this Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream on maroon vinyl for $100, I’d be most obliged. Or you can pick me up the new Mellon Collie box set. Whichever, really.










amoeb buttonsNeed a stocking stuffer? These $2 buttons are just the ticket. My little eye spies Whitney, Misfits, Prince, Elvis Costello and Beavis & Butthead. I wish I had a button with all of those people hanging out!


amoeba shirts

T-shirts for under $20 of all sorts of bands and movies, like these Doors and A Clockwork Orange shirts. Check out the punk T’s in our new punk section.



yoda posterfleetwood mac poster

There are posters all over the store — on the walls, in the corners, in the aisles … you could spend hours looking at Amoeba’s posters alone. Many of these are quite affordable at around $10. Who wouldn’t want Yoda and a boozey Fleetwood Mac looking down on them?




Beatles Lamps & Mugs

beatles lampbeatles lamps

Beatles lamps are on sale, to $49.98 from $59.98. And we’ve got tons of Beatles mugs, all around $10. Between lamps, mugs, toys, posters and duh CDs/Vinyl, we have your Beatles fanatic covered.


Record Bowls

record bowls

These neat bowls are made from real records. You can see which old records have been molded into bowls inside, making them one-of-a-kind. Cheap, too.



vintage lunchboxesstar wars lunchbox

These vintage lunchboxes are just like the ones you used to eat PB&J out of as a kid. Gene Simmons, Disney Princesses, Charlie Brown, The NFL … take your pick. They go from about $20-100, depending on your level of fandom. For much cheaper ($10), you can have a new lunchbox styled in the old variety. Check out the Beatles and Star Wars lunchboxes on sale near the Ivar St. window.


Amoeba Merch

amoeba mugT-shirts, mugs and totes. Represent!

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