Best Of World Music For 2012, Part 1

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Best Artwork:
Chicano Batman-Joven Navegante

Best World Music Album Title:
Very Be Carefu
l -Remember Me From The Party?

Best Of The World Music Releases That NPR Likes:
Ana Tijoux
-La Bala

Best World Fusion Album:
Fanga & Maalem Abdallah Guinea
- Fangnawa Experience

Best Retro World Release:
Tim Maia
- Nobody Can Live Forever

Best Retro World Release On LP     
Myrian Makenwa
La Extraodinaria

Best New World Release On LP

Best World Music Box Set:
Jende Ri Palenge
- People of Palenque: the Music & 
People of Palenque

Best World Music Compilation:
-Future Sounds Of Buenos Aires

Best Retro African Compilation:
- Ivory Coast Soul 2 – Afro Soul In Abidjan From 1976 to 1981

Best Retro African Release:
Francis Bebe
y- African Electronic Music 1975 – 1982

Best New African Release:
Janka Nabay
- En Say Ya

Best Usage Of World Music Without Being A World Music Album
Rocket Juice & The Moon-S/T

Best LP That I Wish I Bought But Now Is Sadly Out Of Print:
V/A-African Guitar Box
Comeback Player(s) Of The Year
Chicha Libre -Canibalismo

Best New Brazilian Release:
Criolo-Nó Na Orelha

Best Retro Brazilian Release
Dom Salvador -Dom Salvador Trio

Best Brazilian Compilation:

V/A- Soul Braza – Brazilian 60s & 70s Soul Psych Vol 2

Best Salsa Reissue

Cortijo y Su Combo Con Ismael Rivera- La Quiniela Del Dia

Best Salsa Compilation

V/A-Subway Salsa: Montuno Records Story
Best New Salsa Release Of 2012
Freddy Cruz Y Su Fuerza Latina- La Solucion

Best Middle Eastern Release:
V/A-Dabke – Sounds Of The Syrian Houran

Best Of The Many Retro Middle Eastern Releases In 2012
- Khana Khana – Funk, Psychedelia, & Pop From The Iranian Pre-Revolution Generation

Best Of The Many Retro Chicha Releases In 2012

Los Jharis De Naña-Creadors Del Sonido De La Carretera Central

Best Of The Many Retro Asian Releases in 2012
Shin Joong Hyun & Yup Juns-S/T

Best Of The Many Retro Indian Music Releases In 2012

Ilaiyaraaja -Fire Star – Synth-Pop & Electro-Funk From Tamil Films 1985 to 1989

Best Retro European Compilation:

V/A- Skanish Sound

Best New European Album:

Taraf De Haidouks & Kocani Orkestar -Band Of Gypsies 2

Lifetime Achievement Award:
Café Tacuba- Objeto Antes Llamado Disco

Rookie Of The Year:


Best World Music Album That I Raved About Last Year That Got Popular This Year:

Sistema Bomb-Electro Jarocho

Best World Music Album Of 2012 Sadly Not Available At Amoeba:
La Excelencia- Ecos Del Barrio

Best In-Store Performance By A World Music Artist:
La Santa Cecilia - El Valor

Best World LP Lifesaver When You Didn’t Bring Enough Records To The Club:
Diablos Del Ritmo – The Colombian Melting Pot – 1975 to 1985

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