Scott Walker's "Bish Bosch" Takes Listeners On Compellingly Twisted Musical Ride

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Scott Walker's "Epizootics!" from Bish Bosch available now at Amoeba

It seems fitting that in the same week that the Alfred Hitchcock biopic Hitchcock, which opens Friday and is set during the making of Psycho and includes a scene on how the film's famous shower scene soundtrack was orchestrated, is released that so too is Scott Walker's bleak but musically powerful and sonically unnerving new album Bish Bosch on 4AD which includes a musical segment with screeching unsettling sounds quite reminiscent of the aforementioned famed shower scene. In fact Walker, in an interview about the new album on BBC Radio this week (scroll down to hear) mentions how his music is always somewhat cinematic because, he said, "from a very young age my first love has been cinema and I think I think in images like that."

After being on pre-order from Amoeba since the week of Halloween (which would have been the perfect week to release this dark nine-song, industrial leaning musical collection) the much anticipated Bish Bosch, which rounds out the trilogy of Scott Walker’s Tilt and The Drift and takes listeners on a compellingly twisted musical ride, is finally out today Stateside (December 4th) in both CD and LP physical formats as well as digital downloads. As accurately noted by Amoeblogger Billy Gil the album, which has been garnering positive reviews all over, is both a "challenging" and "daring" release but that it "ultimately does what Walker does best: provoke."  Indeed it does this tenfold and is a must get for not just for Walker fans but for those who are fans of truly adventurous, other music, that blends such things as twisted Hawaiian guitar sounds, and sampled fart sounds, with Throbbing Gristle like industrial, bleak leaning dark rock, and with an appetite for horror soundtracks. In fact it might be fun to play this album along with Hitchcock's Psycho with the sound down on the film for the ultimate mashup.

Below is that BBC Radio 6 interview with Walker from two days ago that was conducted by his buddy and onetime  musical collaborator, Pulp's Jarvis Cocker in which Walker gives some nice background to the new album's construction. Pick up Bish Bosch on 4AD at Amoeba's three stores or purchase it online from the store as CD or LP or as digital download.


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