Not Exactly News But Now It's Official: Rock N Roll Lifestyle Can Cause Premature Death

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An in-depth and costly university study may not have been necessary in determining that the rock and roll lifestyle can be hazardous to one's health but the results of a newly released study, published today (Dec 19th) in the BMJ Open medical research journal confirmed this fact. The study was done by researchers at the Centre for Public Health at Liverpool John Moores University who determined that being a rock or pop star results in "a nearly one in ten chance of dying prematurely."

The study, which looked at the lives of approx 1500 UK and European, and US music stars between the years of 1956 and 2006 in pop and rock music, determined that 9.2% (137 artists) of them died prematurely. Furthermore the study determined that solo artists, compared with members of bands, had a twice as high chance of dying prematurely. The study also found that the average age for American artists to die prematurely was 45 while it was six years younger for the average British and European artist.

Detention "Dead Rock N Rollers" (7" single, Rigor Mortis Records, 1983)

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