Amoeba Believes in Halloween Family Values

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Plymouth can have Thanksgiving and Bethlehem can have Christmas, but Halloween belongs to San Francisco. As you can see from these historic photos (taken in 1921 and 1946, respectively), San Franciscans can't help but parade in costume every October 31st. It's as natural an instinct as rooting for the Giants or complaining about Muni.

Halloween san francisco 1921

Amoeba San Francisco upholds this civic tradition every year with our annual Halloween employee costume contest. If you thought last year's costumes were good, wait till you get a load of this year's collection!

The festivities began with the dynamic DJing duo of Jamie Lee Roth and The Ancient Mariner spinning truly spooky tunes, such as the vocal track to "Running with the Devil" (see the end of this post for that special trick/treat). As customers in a variety of different stages of disguise browsed the aisles, a team of official costume contest judges was assembled (Tarin, Kathy, Suzanne, and Derrick) and Marketing and Promotions rep Tarin Muir took the stage to introduce the staff contestants. 

First up was the altogether ookie Addam's Family, also known as Emily, Dereck, and Julian.

addams family costume

Next, Ryan gave us all a jolt as Diet Coke Addict.

diet coke costume

Nick rocked the neon as Nicki Minaj!

nicki minaj costume

Who is that well-dressed skeleton? Carly!

And who is that guy in a tuxedo? It's Matt, as "a guy in a tuxedo."

We're not sure how this happened but Mitt Romney showed up...

mitt romney costume

After the judges gave each of the participants careful consideration, it was decided that third place would go to Kelly, er...I mean The Ancient Mariner

the ancient mariner costume

Second place when to her co-DJ, Jamie Lee Roth!

David lee roth costume

And first place went to good old American family values...The Addams Family won! But really, we are all winners for living in that freaky city by the Bay.

Photos by Kaitlin Layher.

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