Recap: November Charity Auction

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Auction RecapOn Saturday, November 3 we were all excited to have the inimitable Billy Calhoun step up to the mic and charm the dollars out of the peeps....and....he....DID ! :) Billy did an amazing job of being funny, sincere, and charming while reminding people WHY we do this and what it means---and how each dollar is matched so it feels good. He was also gracious enough to donate several cool, kitschy vintage items from his own collection to spice it up even more. This month's recipient was a new partner for us, Good Neighbors, and they do amazing work around the world. Billy made sure to educate us about the works they do as he was auctioning off Dennis Rodman dolls (with switchable heads, no less! :). So it is even better since we are happy to be involved with what these guys are doing.

 Here are some of the highlights, which are especially impressive since there was a small crowd this time around. Several people overbid and doubled their own bids---which was just the spirit we needed:

** Pee Wee Herman Vintage T-shirt and Button Pack  -- $17.00

** Cat Power Concert Tickets and Signed CD -- $30.00

** Patti Smith Signed Horses CD and Poster -- $17.00

** Steve Martin T-shirt -- $5.00

** Monkees Concert Tickets -- $40.00

** Urban Outfitters Gift Card -- $45.00

** Lana Del Rey Signed 45 -- $25.00

** Dolly Parton Doll -- $30.00

** Minus The Bear Concert Tickets -- $25.00

** Gene Simmons Mask -- $25.00

** Amoeba VIP In-Store Pass -- $35.00

** Signed Doctor Who Blu-ray -- $40.00

** Trader Joe's Gift Card with Lunchbox -- $55.00

** John Waters Christmas Tickets -- $50.00

** Alice Cooper Mask -- $5.00

** Yo Gabba Gabba Grab Bag -- $10.00

** Superman Lunchbox with DVDs -- $30.00

** Beetlejuice Doll -- $18.00

** Dennis Rodman Doll !!! -- $5.00

** Huey Lewis T-shirt -- $12.00

** Afrojack Tickets -- $10.00


All together we raised $594.00 in individual bids which makes $1,188.00 to donate to Good Neighbors! Thanks to everyone for all their help and big ups to the MAESTRO CALHOUN for making it such a successful auction.

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