New Oakland Record Store Stranded Offers Vinyl Collectors A Place for Crate Digging and Live In-Stores

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Unlike the fictional Oakland record store Brokeland Records from the new book Telegraph Avenue by Michael Chabon, the just opened Stranded is a very real Telegraph Ave., Oakland record store. Opened only in the past few weeks Stranded is already off to most impressive start.

Without a big advertising push but based purely on word of mouth and social networking updates this inviting new record store, located on Telegraph Ave. on the corner of 65th St. a block down from Alcatraz towards Berkeley in North Oakland, has already enjoyed a steady stream of vinyl diggers for its excellent diverse selection of new and used, rare and unusual records. Not only that but Stranded, which has some cool in-stores scheduled, has already produced and promoted a show with the impressive electronic line-up of Neung Phak with Dieter Moebius (Kluster/Harmonia) and Negativ(Wobbly)land that was held across the street at the White Horse Bar. This weekend, Saturday October 20th at 3:30pm Stranded will present the first of many in-store performances when Penelope Houston (The Avengers) will be playing music and Chris D. (Flesh Eaters) will be reading recent works.

Top Five Used Titles at Stranded (compiled by the owners)

Sensation's Fix
  Fragments Of Light (Polydor)

Felt  The Strange Idols Pattern And Other Short Stories
(Cherry Red)

McDonald and Giles  self-titled (Cotillion)

Willis Alan Ramsey self titled (Shelter)

This Kind Of Punishment - In The Same Room/5 By Four  2LP set (Ajax)

Top Five New Titles at Stranded (compiled by the owners)

The Clean
Oddities (540)

Carlton Melton
  Photos Of Photos (Agitated)

Bruce Langhorne
OST Hired Hand (Scissor Tail Editions)

Scheintot (Superior Viaduct)

The Dead C
Harsh 70s Reality (Siltbreeze)

One of the first customers at the new Oakland record store was DJ Cactus. "We went to Stranded the day it opened and I picked up three LPs: Brian Eno's Music For Films, Tangerine Dream's Stratosphere, and Godley and Creme's L," reported the DJ from San Francisco Community Radio. "Nice place. Mostly used LPs. The best ones are very pricey but they had tons of cool stuff of all genres, much very reasonably priced."

DJ Cactus said that, as a record shopper, he appreciates the spacious feel of the store ("easy to sift through the bins") but was most impressed with the high-tech practices of this throwback analog business. "Instead of a cash register, they do all of that on an iPad," he marveled calling Stranded "our new fave record shop in Oakland, besides the great 1-2-3-4 Go! Records."

Last Sunday, as some customers with new vinyl under their arms were leaving, I stopped by Stranded to talk with Bill Zindel who opened the store with fellow music fanatic Steve Viaduct. Stranded, whose name he told me was inspired by a myriad of things including photographer William Eggleston's
film and book Stranded in Canton, and that famous single by Australian proto-punks The Saints is, "All over the place stylistically. We've got jazz, international, folk and country, a lot of rock, punk, a bit of everything," said Zindel who before Stranded ran and operated the wonderful albeit under-appreciated, short-lived Berkeley art space Jimmie Gallery over on Folger Street.

Zindel's partner in Stranded Steve Viaduct runs the excellent archival record label Superior Viaduct which has reissued some amazing 70's and 80's Bay Area music including from the Avengers, Sleepers, and Factrix (all of which you will see on the walls of Stranded).  "In a sense, Stranded is an extension of the record label," said Viaduct. "The store is a curated selection of our favorite records from the past forty years; rock, free jazz, international, folk, blues, etc. We plan on having label record release parties at the store in the near future." The customer base for Stranded, which also carries cassettes and is about to expand its selection of 7" singles, is steadily building as word of a new record store gets out in this analog-appreciative, vinyl loving community. "A lot of people have been coming in after finding us on Facebook or just walking by in the neighborhood," said Zindel of the new store which is within a block of some other great independent businesses such as Down At Lulu's and pioneering Oakland LGBT watering hole The White Horse Bar which recently began doing live shows for mixed audiences. "When we moved in we approached the folks at White Horse about doing shows and they were receptive and we hope to do many more shows there," said Zindel.

In fact next month Stranded will present show number two at the White Horse Bar when, on November 15th at 8pm, they will present a concert by psych noise creator Carlton Melton (ex-Zen Guerrilla). Meanwhile upcoming in-store shows include this Saturday's (10/20) show with Penelope Houston (Avengers) & Chris D. (Flesh Eaters) from 3:30pm to 6pm, and Holy Shit and Matt Baldwin on Saturday October 27th at 3:30pm. In addition to musical in-stores Stranded are also scheduling some movie screenings (they'll pop up a big screen over the inside of front window for these) with the first one being a showing of the excellent Sun Ra documentary Space Is The Place on November 10th at 7pm. For this screening of the movie, which Viaduct notes was "shot in Oakland in 1974," the documentary's producer Jim Newman will be in attendance to discuss the film afterwards. Before leaving Stranded the other day I asked Bill Zindel what the long term goals of Stranded in Oakland were? "Just to have some really good vinyl for people and to put on some good shows and in-stores," he said with a smile.

Stranded is located at  6436 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609 and is open seven days a week from noon to 7pm. Phone (510) 858-5977 Stranded Facebook, Stranded website.

The Saints "(I'm) Stranded"-  timeless seventies single from down under proto-punks  whose
song title was part of the inspiration for the name of new North Oakland record shop Stranded

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