Rock the Vote With Amoeba!

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Amoeba is helping to sign voters up before the Oct. 22 deadline to register or change your address information. You can register here if you haven't yet registered to vote in the Nov. 6 election, or Amoeba has voter registration forms at the stores you can pick up and we’ll mail it for you. Visit Rock The Vote for more voter information.

As part of Amoeba's Rock the Vote effort, Murs & Fashawn and Band of Horses turned out excellent live shows at Amoeba Hollywood and across the street at Space 15 Twenty. Murs & Fashawn's energetic live show, which was streamed live for a webcast on, drew a huge crowd, thanks to Living Legends member Murs’ loyal fanbase, Fashawn’s rising notoriety and their recently released collaborative album, the fine This Generation. The duo performed songs from the album, such as the uplifting “Heartbreaks & Handcuffs,” trading rhymes and pointing to one another and generally having a great time riling up an enthusiastic crowd. Murs picked up a baby at one point like a politician, remarking that there were a lot of babies in the audience, which there were, along with teenagers who shouted suggestions to Murs and clamored over one another to pick up free T-shirts they threw into the audience (one jumped on my head!). “If you’re smart, you’ll be registered to vote and to get married by the time you leave here,” Murs said at one point. “If a girl’s at our show, she’s probably pretty cool.” Later, Murs more pointedly said: “It doesn’t hurt to believe in something a little bit. Don’t be so apathetic.”
murs fashawn this generation“As I got older and evolved as a person, I realized there’s a point [to voting],” Fashawn chimed in. “Today, I’m gonna register to vote.”

For more photos from the event, click here. Back in 2008, Murs also performed at Amoeba as his album Murs for President was releasing; see a video and photos of that performance here.

The show continued with a performance from Band of Horses across the street at Space15Twenty. The lucky few who got tickets were treated to a stripped-down acoustic performance from the full band of classics and songs from their new album, Mirage Rock. “We’re just gonna let our beards down,” declared frontman Ben Bridwell, playing a set of songs some of which they made apparent hadn’t been performed acoustically before — still, they sounded great, playing songs from across their four albums such as “Laredo” (from Infinite Arms), “The Great Salt Lake” (from Everything All the Time) and a two-man, knockout version of Cease to Begin’s “No One’s Gonna Love You.” They joked that no one called out for new material, but I heard girls next to me pause from swooning to say they liked particular songs from Mirage Rock (of course, they still screamed when “No One’s Gonna Love You” came on). Bridwell and co. smiled and kept things loose during the hour or so performance, finishing with an acoustic yet still muscular version of Cease to Begin’s “Is There a Ghost.”
band of horsesBefore the performance, I coaxed a good friend of mine to register to vote at a table set up at Space 15 Twenty, which was really what this whole thing was about. You can still register to vote at Amoeba until Oct. 22. It’s super easy. Whether you’ve registered before and moved or this is your first time, you can pick up a voter registration form at any Amoeba Music location and we’ll send it in for you. Takes two minutes, tops. The election’s coming Nov. 6, guys. There’s no excuse not to vote. Do it!

Scroll down for more photos I took at the event!

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