Hip-Hop Rap-Up: 09.21.12: E-Lit, Kanye West, Murder Dog, Homeboy Sandman, DJ Shadow, DMC World Championships + more

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Amoeba Berkeley Hip-Hop Top Five: Week Ending 09:21:12

1) Kanye West Good Music Cruel Summer (Def Jam)

2) Casual Respect Game Or Expect Flames (Nature Sounds)

3) JJ DOOM Key to the Kuffs (Lex Records)

4)  Homeboy Sandman First of a Living Breed (Stones Throw)

5) Brother Ali Mourning In America & Dreaming In Color (Rhymesayers Entertainment)

Thanks again to E-Lit at the Berkeley Amoeba store for the latest lowdown on all the new hip-hop releases via the above video clip in which he runs through all the new CD and vinyl releases for this week. And a good week it is! New releases include Brother Ali on Rhymesayers with the album Mourning In America & Dreaming In Color that comes with production by Jake One, and Homeboy Sandman (who I will be interviewing here on the Amoeblog in a couple of weeks) on Stones Throw with the album First of a Living Breed that follows two EPs from the prolific NYC artist currently on tour with Brother Ali (they will play the Fillmore in SF on Oct 25th). Other new releases in the store include the brand new Kanye West along with his G.O.O.D. Music crew who finally dropped their awaited first compilation album  Good Music Cruel Summer (note its title includes Summer - not Fall). The 12-track album features along with Kanye such artists as Big Sean, Pusha T, Common, Kid Cudi, Cyhi the Prynce, John Legend, R. Kelly, Jay-Z, 2 Chainz, Raekwon, and Marsha Ambrosius. Of the new album wrote, "like Watch the Throne, his full-album collaboration with Jay-Z, it’s also a chance to loosen up without having to fully shoulder the expectation set by his solo output (and his ego). …..The non-Kanye songs have their appeal, as well, as on the appropriately faded sounding “Higher,” featuring The-Dream; and the fun, hard-hitting “Sin City,” featuring a pack of artists, including John Legend, singing and rapping over a big beat and sheets of synthesizer. West can’t help be the star of his own show, though, coming back in with what can only be described as a megaballad: 'The One.'"

Other new or very recent releases in Amoeba this week include Illogic & Blockhead, self-released limited run Preparing for Capture, Hieroglyphics star rapper Casual's  J-Rawls collaboration Respect Game Or Expect Flames on Nature Sounds, JJ DOOM's Key to the Kuffs on Lex Records, and DJ Shadow's new/old release (on both CD and vinyl) Total Breakdown: Hidden Transmissions From The MPC Era, 1992 - 1996. As its title implies this self-released album finds Shadow going back into the vaults for the recordings that paved the way for his landmark debut Entroducing.... (guess you could nickname this Introducing Entroducing). The 22 track release includes instrumental and vocal tracks - such as off an abandoned 1994 EP with The Gift Of Gab that offers an early demo version of what would later be known as the track "Six Days." Other highlights of this collection include "Intropy (Original Version)," "The Not-So-Quiet Storm," "From The Old School," "Freddi's Popcorn," "Atmospheric Disturbances,"and "Movin' On" (one of three Gab demo recordings on here).

Next week DJ Precision, DJ Esquire, and Battlestar Massive will each be representing the USA in the DMC World DJ Championships 2012 over in London, England (Thurs + Friday, September 27th and 28th) where previous US DMC champs DJ Craze and DJ QBert will be doing special turntable performance sets. More info on the DMC World DJ battle here. Meanwhile back in the Bay Area Mac Miller will be in The Town (Oakland) next Thursday (Sept 27) when the popular young rapper headlines the Fox Theater. On Tuesday (Sept 25) Killer Mike will be at The Fillmore in San Francisco (he plays Los Angeles' El Rey on Sept 29th).

Doomtree crew star P.O.S. will be dropping a new full-length We Don't Even Live Here on Rhymesayers which takes him into both his tried and true traditional style (EG the hard banging lead single "Fuck Your Stuff") as well as into some new musical territory including tracks by such non hip-hop (more dance-oriented) producers as Boyz Noise, and another track on which he teams up with Justin Vernon from Bon Iver.

Do you miss Murder Dog - the one-of-a-kind long time Bay Area published gangsta rap (and beyond) music magazine? Well it is now available for digital download here where the publishers invite you to "DOWNLOAD IT, PRINT IT, SHARE IT, READ IT ONLINE. MORE CONTENT, NO CHARGE."

Gensu Dean "Alice In Wonderland (feat. David Banner)" (2012)

Southern beat master Gensu Dean's above video featuring a cameo from David Banner is from the Mississippi artist's Mello Music Group debut LP Lo-Fi Fingahz which will drop this winter and feature tracks like "Alice In Wonderland" with Banner. The prolific Gensu Dean is also about to unleash an album with Planet Asia, titled Abrasions, also coming from the Mello Music Group.

Doe Cigapom “GreatPotOfYeah” (2012)

Above is the brand new video from Washington DC born rapper Doe Cigapom (stands for “Deliver On Emotions” + “Can I Get Peace Of Mind”) who is prepping for the release next week (9/25) of his collaborative EP, Caged Birds, with producer Soulful coming via the upstart Indie Love Enterprises Company.

Ruste Juxx & The Arcitype on making of V.I.C. (2012)

The above video is a sneak peak of the soon to drop album V.I.C. from East Coast artists Ruste Juxx & The Arcitype. The fifteen track V.I.C. which stands for Victorious Impervious Champions, will be released by Duckdown next week on Tuesday Sept 25.

Dee-1 ft. Murs + Tabi Bonney "Failure Ain't An Option" (2012)

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