New 12"s @ Amoeba Hollywood 9/14 - Ricardo Donoso, Silent Servant, John Tejada, Innerspace Halflife, Steffi, Pacific Horizons and tons more!

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Ricardo Donoso
Assimilating The Shadow 2LP

In the time since Ricardo Donoso delivered his debut album Progress Chance, he's been pursuing his take on morning music even further. Informed by deep house, slowed-down trance and club influences, this new album unfolds to reveal elaborate sonic labyrinths that emerge out of the burning embers of dance music. Assimilating the Shadow has been designed to be consumed at sunrise, at the party's end. It assembles dark, carefully-considered sequences layered in a way that seems on first listen to be a fusion of opposites. Sacred geometry sets the stage for these intricate, emotional structures, illustrating tonal passages that appear divergent on first listen but which become coherent the further into the album you delve. It's an album that harks back to the beginnings of dance music but which somehow sidesteps the usual revivalist signatures that have become all too familiar in recent years, instead opting for a rhythmically complex variant that echoes early Jean Michel Jarre, Cluster, Manuel Göttsching and Speedy J but with a strange compositional quality quite unlike any of its influences. 2LP deluxe gatefold pressing limited to 500 copies. Mastered by James Plotkin and cut to vinyl by Lupo at Dubplates + Mastering, Berlin. Artwork by Lee Tindall. 

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Silent Servant
Negative Fascination LP
Hospital Productions

Negative Fascination is the first official full-length album from Silent Servant. Juan Mendez has achieved international acclsaim as a DJ and is one of the founding producers of the infamous and highly-influential Sandwell District label. Long-time followers will feel the effects of a die cast over a decade of precision and dedication to underground minimalist electronic music. Mendez blends his previously-stated interpretations of early post-punk, filtered through the monolithic works of Basic Channel with his own progressively nihilistic vision of industrial music. He utilizes a relentless and uncompromising mastery of hard-as-nails sequencer techno combined with dystopian atmospherics filling the void. Negative Fascination bridges disparate factions on ideological grounds, regardless of sound in the age of mutation. Mastered and cut by Matt Colton at Air Studios, London. Vinyl limited to 1,000 copies. 

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Innerspace Halflife
Wind/Phazzled 12"
MOS Deep

Chicago’s Hakim Murphy and Ike Release who produce solo and as a duo under the name Innerspace Halflife. with a two-track 10” vinyl release on MOS Deep. “Wind” is the a-side the pair turn in – a main room house banger with icy hi hats dangling above a forceful acid bassline that repeats over and over as thin pads sing about above and have you look to the future. It’s wholly analogue as you’d expect, and as atmospheric as it is fierce. Ike Release goes solo on the flip with “Phazzled”, a much more laid back deep house jaunt with long legged, rubbery kicks and all sorts of busy sci-fi FX filling in the gaps. The harmonic chords add plenty of warmth and invite you to get lost in their midst – classicist house with a future perspective.

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John Tejada
The Predicting Machine LP

Double LP version on 180 gram vinyl with free CD version of the entire album. Kompakt readies the next strike from John Tejada with his latest full-length The Predicting Machine. It was a slightly unexpected turn of events for both the label and the mastermind behind such massive tracks as "Mono On Mono" or "Sweat On the Walls," when both decided to release Parabolas (KOMP 093CD/ KOM 234LP) on Kompakt, but it felt immediately like a perfect match. So perfect indeed, that even Tejada's own label Palette Recordings is now distributed by Kompakt. "The previous album was made before I knew what I would do with it," says Tejada, readily acknowledging that the material for Parabolas' successor The Predicting Machine was composed with Kompakt in mind: "This felt like it had a direct purpose. I think that freed me a bit creatively." From the bleepy opener "Orbiter" to the jacking main single "Stabilizer," the shuffling "An Ounce Of Perception" or the trademark bounce of tracks like "Horizon to Horizon" and "A Familiar Mood," this album covers a lot of ground before closing its run with the soothing "When All Around Is Madness," a cut that perfectly summarizes Tejada's deeply focused approach to making music. "The technical process was more involved than Parabolas," explains the producer: "I dug deeper on the modular side, trying out many new things, which inspired a lot of the songs." While that's exactly how would imagine the master at work, hunched over a plethora of scientific-sounding modules, meticulously planning out the waveform of some random click, this doesn't do justice to Tejada's finely-tuned melodic sensibilities, denouncing a repeat offender when it comes to pure musicality and unadulterated emotion. Every single one of Tejada's sounds sees its own personal evolution being sent on a track-long journey through wondrous landscapes, worlds that are "alien" in the most human way possible, inviting you to stay and lionize the marvels on display. John Tejada truly is an architect of epic story arcs, and he builds them on the smallest of surfaces, finding grandness in every detail.

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Schraper 12”
Ostgut Ton

Steffi returns with a 12" for Ostgut Ton, showing a much tougher side to her ever-evolving sound, reminiscent of the favorites from not-forgotten warehouse parties where techno and house met on one united floor. "Schraper" combines a clean beat structure and scraping percussion with an epic synth arrangement to hypnotic effect and energy levels cranked. The string version of the B-side track "Tank" creates a mellower mood while the beat version builds and pumps.

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Eight 3LP

Of all the personalities to emerge from the Mutek-affiliated Montreal electronic music scene, Scott Monteith aka Deatbeat has unquestionably established himself as one of dub techno's greatest champions, showing himself to be its most prolific and restless spirit. Having burrowed to the very deepest depths of echo and dread of the Jamaican variety with 2011's hypnotic Drawn and Quartered( BLKRTZ 001CD), Deadbeat once again sets sail into uncharted waters with his latest hour long salvo, humbly entitled Eight. Proceeding over eight tracks and a wide range of tempos, and featuring collaborations with fellow Canadians Danuel Tate, Mathew Jonson, and outer national techno prankster Dandy Jack, Eight is without a doubt the most upfront, muscular Deadbeat record to date. Recorded in his new studio in Berlin, Deadbeat utilizes the unmistakable analog low end and full spectrum bombast from Moog and Prophet 600 synths, and his new rhythms show a level of intensity and raw power not seen before in his previous work. In a genre dominated by stoic reverence to the creative framework laid down by Mark Ernestus and Mortiz von Oswald's Basic Channel and related projects of the mid '90s, Monteith has consistently charted his own course over the last 13 years, tearing up and re-writing the rule book several times over. Deadbeat is as restless as ever and Eigth firmly establishes his position as one of electronic music's most distinctive voices. 

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Fudge Fingas

SVT 12"
Rush Hour

UK's Fudge Fingas debuts on Rush Hour with his S.V.T. EP, which includes the modern soul classic "Snow Day."

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Untitled 12"
No Label

The enigmatic Heatsick's CasioTones evolve over this EP with the inclusion of accompanying drum machine -- four focused tracks that express the overload from stimuli and expansion from time space compression. Label art by Jean-Michel Wicker.

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Pacific Horizons
Club Meds 12”
Pacific Wizard Foundation

Cali's PACIFIC HORIZONS return with their most club friendly 12" to date. "CLUB MEDS" is a funky slice of Balearic punk inspired by their years in San Fran dancing to early breakbeats. "FATA MORGANA" is an industrial dance inspired cut with a solid club feel. Stunning. Plain black sleeves.

Purchase Club Meds here:

Kolombo: Busta Business 12"
Kanzyani, V: Love & Grat 12"
Chasing Kurt: In The Air 12"
Paz, A: Free 12"
Efeel: Dawn Over 12"
Fennesz: Fa 2012 12"
Axoneme: AXNM LP
Rampa&Re.You: Track 12"
Oxia: Housewife 12"
N'Gali, B: I Travel 12"
Tanka: Boogie With 12"
VA: Surinam! 2LP
Moore, RS: Hearing Aid 2LP
O'Rourke, J: ON #8 2LP
Lahs, N: My Side 12"
Sterac: Secret Life RMX P1 12"
Sterac: Secret Life RMX P2 12"
Kavinsky: Nightcall 12"
Elbee Bad: The Prince 12"
GummIHz: Raw V2 12"
Violetshaped: RMX P1 12"
Negro, J: Secret Life 2LP
Sol Power All-Stars/CATCH MONKEY 12”
Joe/MB 12”
Pearson Sound/CLUTCH 12”
Groove Armada/NO EJECTOR SEAT EP 12”
N.Y. Transit Authority/OFF THE.. VIP 12”
Commodo/BUCKWILD 12”
Frankee/FIRETHORN 12”
Chicago Damn/GET THE BASS 12”
Moton/NITE DANCE 12”
Joy Orbison & Boddika/DUN DUN 12”
Chunky/CHUNKY EP D12"
Joey Kay/TOY PIANO 12”
Fantastic Mr. Fox/POWER (1-SIDED) 12”
Pixel Fist/LET YOURSELF GO 12”
Crystal Ark/WE CAME TO 12”
Widows/WIDOWS EP 12”
Rocco Raimundo/ON THE ROCKS 12”
Horn/WAX TWO EP 12”
Keyboard Masher/KM EDITIONS #4 EP 12”
Samuli Kemppi/QUADRANT EP 12”
Chesus & Organ Grinder/AUDIOPORN 12”
Various/LOVE REVOLUTION 001 12”
Stee Downes/MANY WAYS 12”
Ali Love/PLAYA & JUNGLE 12”
Daniel Avery/TASTE - PAUL WOOLFORD 12”
Various/TABERNACLE EP 1 12”
Fab Mayday/PORN WAX ONE EP 12”
Wookie/2 US (DJ DIE REMIX) 12”
Vakula/NO MUSIC 12”
Social Disco Club/JUST ONE TOUCH 12”
Homework/CONFESSING 12”

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