Near Perfect LPs from Death Waltz

Posted by Charles Reece, August 13, 2012 01:42am | Post a Comment
I'm pretty much committed to getting every release so far announced from Death Waltz Recording Co.. They're putting out LPs for great cult scores, which are either newly remastered for these editions. Some are appearing for the first time on vinyl (e.g., Zombi 2 and Let the Right One In). I'm really happy that the additional cues from Carpenter and Howarth's Escape from New York can now be heard sans dialog interludes on vinyl (the inclusion of which was what I didn't like about the Dagored release from about 10 years ago). The company has also hired a great bunch of artists to do the covers:

Out Now:

let the right one in death waltz
Johan Söderqvist's Let the Right One In - art by Candice Tripp

zombi 2 death waltz
Fabio Frizzi's Zombi 2 - art by Graham Humphreys

escape from new york death waltz
John Carpenter & Alan Howarth's Escape from New York - art by Jay Shaw

donnie darko death waltz
Michael Andrews' Donnie Darko - art by Tom French

Not Yet Released:

prince of darkness death waltz
John Carpenter & Alan Howarth's Prince of Darkness - art by Sam Smith

the living dead at manchester morgue
Giuliano Sorgini's The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue - art by Luke Insect

halloween 2 death waltz
John Carpenter & Alan Howarth's Halloween 2 - art by Brandon Schaefer

halloween 3 death waltz
John Carpenter & Alan Howarth's Halloween 3 - art by Jay Shaw

they live death waltz
John Carpenter & Alan Howarth's They Live - art by Gary Pullin

house of the devil death waltz
Jeff Grace's The House of the Devil - art by Tom Hodge

the devil's business death waltz
Justin Greaves' The Devil's Business - art by Jay Shaw

All of Death Waltz's releases are limited to 1000 with a subset on colored vinyl that's only available through the label's website. But everyone knows black sounds better. My only beef is why get artists to create such beautiful designs only to reduce the image within a hideous label frame, e.g.:

death waltz frame

Man, that's seriously fucked up. How could anyone make such an obviously dunderheaded decision? Regardless, these sound great, which is the most important thing (and why I'm not going to get any of the colored versions, no matter how nifty they look).

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