The Art Of The LP Cover- Accordions, Accordéons, Acordeóns, Akkordeons, Fisarmonicas...

Posted by Mr. Chadwick, August 26, 2012 03:20pm | Post a Comment

Most of these LPs came from the recent east coast and latin blowout events.  We still have great product left from both events, stop by the Hollywood store and dig up some treasures.

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Los Bocheros (1), Frankie Zeitz (1), Lisandro Meza (2), Louis Alter (1), Libertad Lemarque (1), Clifton Chenier (3), Rene Duval (1), Corraleros De Majagual (1), Will Glahé (0), Pietro Deiro (1), Joann Castle (1), Accordions (2), Françoise Chantal (1), Ange (1), Gilbert Rousell (1), Sexteto Mayor (1), Charles Camilleri (1), Emile Carrara (1), Tony Murena (1)