Local Stuff: Flying Lotus, Deerhoof, King Tuff, The Soft Moon, Cold Showers, Ty Segall

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flying lotusFlying Lotus feat. Erykah Badu – “See Thru to U”
This sumptuous, propulsive track comes from L.A. beat maestro Flying Lotus’ new album, Until the Quiet Comes, due Oct. 2 on Warp (preorder here). Expect more excellent pair-ups, such as another with Thom Yorke, on the album.


DeerhoofDeerhoof – “Fête d'Adieu”

So excited to share a new track from S.F.’s Deerhoof, one of my all-time favorite guitar bands. For a while there, it seemed minus guitarist Chris Cohen, the band was losing steam on the lackluster Deerhoof vs. Evil. “Fête d'Adieu” is very promising, however, employing the poppier balance of melodicism with awkward time signatures and chirpy vocals that they moved toward on the Cohen-less but still excellent Friend Opportunity. Here’s hoping Breakup Song is awesome! (Preorder the album here.)


King Tuff – “Alone and Stoned” video
As if I didn’t love L.A. garage pop dude King Tuff enough already, his video for “Alone and Stoned” from his totally great self-titled album is a lot of fun. All you really need to know is the title of the song and you can see where it goes from there. I need that girl’s cat painting.


soft moonThe Soft Moon – “Die Life”
S.F.’s The Soft Moon put out a fantastically bleak, uncompromising self-titled first album in 2010 and are due back with a a second album, Zeros, Oct. 30 on Captured Tracks. Listening to that first album feels felt like driving through a dark tunnel with no end. And that rules! This sounds great too.


cold showersCold Showers – “BC”
Been salivating over L.A.’s Cold Showers for some time now. They posted a killer Cars cover a while back. Now here’s the first taste of their first album, Love and Regret, due Oct. 9 on Dais. It’s sort of the sunnier (or at least more humanistic) side of the post-punk coin to The Soft Moon’s life of dying. “BC” really does feel like a blast of cool air during this heat wave, the way it stays calm and collected until that guitar solo dives through and makes way for shimmery guitar knives to follow. Digging all of it.


ty segallTy Segall – “The Hill”
“The Hill” is the first single from Ty Segall’s third album of the year, Twins, due Oct. 9 on Drag City. This starts about a million miles from the rip-your-ear-off distortion of the yet-to-be-topped this year rock of Slaughterhouse, starting with a sort of electro-gospel, female led vocal before, you know, ripping your ear off again with distortion. It’s decidedly dialed back, though, from that of Slaughterhouse, instead focusing more on propulsion, dynamics and melody, as that chorus comes back filtering through the din every once in a while. It’s the most interesting thing Segall has unveiled yet. I love the sound of it so far and bodes well for the rest of Twins.

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