Rapper Cozzy: Who You Know Helps, but it Ultimately Comes Down to Talent & Hard Work

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In the music business who you know helps but it isn't enough to get you ahead. You have to have substance to back it up. 20 year old Pensacola, Florida rapper Cozzy found this out when, first starting out recording hip-hop a few years ago, the burgeoning young rapper hit up his successful uncle in the rap biz - Tobin "TC" Coston who was Master P’s manager and VP & GM of his No Limit Records label - thinking his well connected relative would get him a record deal right away. But that was not the case initially.

"I have had many relatives hit me up for record deals," said TC who has turned them all down including Cozzy, at first. But he liked how consistent the young rapper was in both his work ethic and his "promising" vocal flow even though it still had a ways to go. "I told him to keep working because it was really raw. He continued to send me music and I heard something from him I liked." Then after several goes around TC heard his nephew freestyle over some popular tracks that Cozzy totally made his own. So impressed was his uncle he that he signed him to Me & Mine Entertainment; the label known for releasing (among many others) Lil’ Troy’s platinum Sitting Fat Down South. He also signed his rap crew F.B.N. (Fresh By Nature) to the label and is committed to sticking by both and developing them as artists over a long term - something you don't hear of much these days in the financially stressed & ever fickle music biz.

Applying his strict work ethic Cozzy has recorded several albums worth of songs in a short period. His first single is the standout track "Laker Gang" - a song dedicated to his favorite basketball team, the LA Lakers, who the artist connected with personally thanks to his uncle. "Cozzy is a huge Laker fan. I happened to be a real close friend of Coach Mike Brown. We went to High School together in Germany," said TC. "And Cozzy has known Mike since he was very young and went to a couple of his camps. Cozzy came to LA and went to some Laker games and had the opportunity to meet some of the team members. After that, he came up with the idea of doing his single, "Laker Gang" and the rest was history. He received some regional radio play and the Laker fans were loving it. Next year will be a new Laker Anthem that we will push harder especially with the addition of Steve Nash and D. Howard. Cozzy expects a new championship for his team, the Lake Show."

Cozzy "Daze 1.0" (2012)

Cozzy described his own music as "Southern riding music" with a strong storyline. “Hip Hop music is about stories. Some of those stories can be meaningful and still be fun,” said the artist who has been avidly absorbing all he can about both music and the music business. "I am not only honing my writing and production skills, but I am also developing my total package," said Cozzy adding that, "This isn’t just a dream of mine, this is a goal that I strive to achieve and I’m on a mission.”  Recently Cozzy dropped the album The Calm Before the Storm featuring the song (video above) "Daze 1.0" and has a follow up called Man of My City coming in a few months plus a group project in the works with F.B.N. Stay tuned and in the meantime follow Cozzy on Twitter

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