Meta P Shares Insights on Heartfelt Tribute to His Late Twin Sister Lindsay Sbardella

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Meta P “Dragonfly (My Other Heartbeat)" (2012)

Some of the greatest pieces of art come from a place of pain and hurt and the new Matty Mischief produced track by Rhode Island rapper Meta P (aka Metaphysics) is a prime example of this. "Dragonfly (My Other Heartbeat)" (song/video above) is dedicated to his twin sister Lindsay Sbardella who passed two months ago on June 23, 2012 at age 28. The hip-hop song is a heartfelt, truly touching tribute with the surviving sibling rapping lines to his "best friend" like "nobody loves you like your twin brother in the womb together….I can't believe you're gone….. I can see you in the stars. I can see you in my mom …I hold you in my heart till me meet on the other side."  Meta P, who recently got named Providence Phoenix's "Best Rap Act 2012," is giving the song away for as a free download but he encourages people to donate in Lindsay's name to the RISPCA. "She loved animals," said the artist who has dropped such albums such as 2010's Off the Rock and Edison's Ink earlier this year. His forthcoming project is called Evolution and will such tracks as "Kill Swag" featuring Celph Titled (Demigodz). I caught up with the artist to ask him more about this touching tribute to his sister.

Amoeblog: What was the most difficult thing and what was the most rewarding thing about writing & recording this song?

Meta P: The most difficult thing is overcoming the overwhelming feeling of losing a best friend, a twin sister and a huge source of support in my life. It is difficult to step outside your situation and communicate objectively to an audience what someone so personal to you meant. The rewarding thing was therapy. To leave a mark of what she meant to me and for that message to reach people who don't know me or her. Also, for people who have been through similar losses to relate to my own.

Amoeblog: What kind of reaction has the song gotten from both friends/family members close to your sister and from hip-hop fans who did not know Lindsay?

Meta P: The reaction has been 100% positive. People who don't like the genre of hip hop as a whole can appreciate something so honest as the emotions involved in losing a loved one. This song is a tribute, after all. Many people have messaged me saying they cried. A lot of those people didn't know our family. My family is extremely proud to hold on to our memories of her through this song.

Amoeblog: May I ask how did Lindsay die?

Meta P: Lindsay had a virus around her heart. She had been diagnosed with Addison's disease (a rare auto-immune disease) six and a half years ago. This was completely unexpected. Her body couldn't fight it. She passed in her sleep.

Amoeblog: You mention how Lindsay loved animals - what is one of the strongest memories you have of her in relation to animals?

Meta P: Lindsay's dog Riley (a Shitzu) is a living memory of her love for animals. My mom and I had bought him for her five years ago and he never leaves her side. It is amazing how emotionally in tune animals can be when someone passes. He is just starting to eat regularly and be happy again. He waits by the door every night for her to get home for work though.

Amoeblog: Are the song's lyrics written out somewhere online?

Meta P: No they aren't. But I'm happy to include them below. This is the rough version taken from my notes.

My other heart beat, my best friend, we used to share a room together,
Nobody loves you like your twin brother, in the womb together,
So beautiful, inside and out, and never violent,
No wonder when I think about you its always smiling,
You could always calm me, she adored me,
No matter what they said about me, she always saw me,
For what I was, then you left I hear a dragonfly buzz,
I can't get away from you its in my blood,
So now instead of being friends you become a my sunsets,
My happy days, I can almost feel your hand trying to wipe the pain away,
I would never trade your gift, for how Im feeling now,
the shock began to wear off its feeling real now,
Let me tell you about your service it had me being proud,
You the rain that feeds the sunflowers when im seeing clouds,
You a smiling face im keeping now, darker skin beautiful,
I was born with you in 84, and now I'm born again its suitable,
You're a symphony a musical, I can't believe your gone,
I can see you in the stars, I can see you in you in my mom,

I can see you being far, I can feel you in the wind,
I can never forget memories of times we used to spend,
People know a brother, they will never know a twin,
They will never have the pain of holding you to stroke your skin,
In your last moments, a dream awoken again,
I want another a hug I want your eyes open again, ,
Lost some close friends I underestimated their death,
she passed at six o clock I swear I felt her when she left,
I called her big L since middle school, my stunt double,
Same grade we knew everybody we run trouble,
You were my constant, the one who never judged me,
Who loved me, who'd wake me up with coffee when im crummy,
Never thought twice about money, you would always carry me,
I guess ill take the pain, so you don't to bury me,
No children and no husband, no house and no picket fence,
No grandchildren, family events it makes a wicked sense,
No more seeing you now, guess gods needing you ,
After all you were so perfect, my heart can still beat in you,

Youre my protection, from pain like a lethal injection,
I was numb now the knifes twisting in my mid section,
We've suffered, but I try to look at the blessings,
She was 28m but left a lifetime of her lessons,
I can feel her presence, she's in the moon and the stars,
She's a force inside the universe, in tune with the gods,
You're a beautiful face, your golden skin, inner child,
I don't have to be afraid, I'll be here for a while,
I'll see you in my face, ill see you in my child,
Ill see you in my future wife, ill feel it when I smile,
Ill hear you in music, ill read about you in poetry,
Ill see you when the sun touch the water on an open sea,
I just hope you notice me, I will make you proud,
I will tell your story Lindsay I will do it loud,
Save a spot to sleep with me , this ain't a goodbye,
Ill hold you in my heart, to will meet on the otherside, my dragonfly,


  Get Meta P's song as a free download + donate in Lindsay's name to the RISPCA.

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