"Rap is like the lowest art form of art on the planet earth," Says MURS in latest WIMB

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MURS What's In My Bag? (2012)

  Since the above What's In My Bag? (WIMB?) Amoeba video clip with MURS was uploaded to YouTube yesterday it's been drawing a lot of strong, mixed reactions mostly focusing on the bold statement on the art of rap made by the longtime Cail emcee. "Rap is not good enough to be associated with great music," said MURS when asked if he might sample an Ethiopian album he had picked up at the Hollywood Amoeba store. "Rap is like the lowest art form of art on the planet earth," he continued, semi-apologizing, "Sorry. I love it. But it's true." He then qualified this statement by saying that, "There's no other form of music in the history of music that totally denigrates women and promotes violence and killing of one another for senseless reasons." "We have to call it what it is and hopefully by calling it what it is we can improve it." he said adding, while he sincerely felt that way, that he was also a fan of rap and was about to pick up a Waka Flocka Flame album. YouTube comments related to this video, which rated 67 likes to 1 dislike at time of posting this Amoeblog, ranged from "haha this guy is awesome! best explanation of rap ever" and "this guy seems really cool. his views on his own genre are really interesting," to "Completely idiotic point of view" and "WTF?….if you think that murs why the fuck do you want a Wocka Flocka cd?"

Another statement made by MURS in the video above bound to cause some controversy - if only with MC/producer/head of Def Jux El-P -  was when he said, during the show and tell of his picks of both the new El-P and Killer Mike albums, that he was "Still waiting on some royalties from Def Jux albums." Yikes! Considering how vocal El-P once was about his dislike of his original record label Rawkus Records and how he had talked about their mistreatment of artists - all of which led to him splitting from Rawkus and setting up his own label Def Jux (later known as Definitive Jux) that has to be a hurtful comment to hear made public. For the record though the two new "Def Jux" albums MURS was talking about from El P (Cancer For Cure) and Killer Mike (R.A.P. Music) are actually not on Def Jux but released by Fat Possum and Williams Street respectively since Definitive Jux is currently on an extended hiatus. 

Also in the seven minute WIMB? interview piece recorded in late May with MURS, who has replaced his trademark dreads with a shaved head, describes Psycho Realm as "like Cypress Hill on steroids" only that you replace "the marijuana cloud" with "a cyanide cloud." He compares Green Day to Ice Cube in terms of their shared perception as artists seen as selling out, and talks about how "Me and my wife sponsor a couple of Ethiopian children" and that they are about to adopt two Ethiopian children. He also picked up a copy of The Gospel of Hip-Hop by KRS-One (only $9.95 at Amoeba) to replace the copy that KRS had personally given him but someone had stolen from his home.

Check for the full list of items that MURS pickeed up at Amoeba and shop at Amoeba online for music from MURS' rich back catalog that includes such hip-hop classics as the 2009 Rhymesayers Entertainment release Felt 3: A Tribute To Rosie Perez from his excellent collaborative series with Slug of Atmosphere (with Aesop Rock) and also make sure to pick up his soon-to-drop forthcoming new collaboration project with Fresno emcee talent Fashawn This Generation (arrives in Amoeba September 25th). Peep the album track/lead single video for "Slash Gordon" below.


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