Another long overdue Lizzy vinyl reissue finally sees the Light (in the Attic)!

Posted by Kelly S. Osato, August 4, 2012 01:25pm | Post a Comment
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We the people of Amoeba Music mayn't always hear ear to ear when it comes to mutual enjoyment of preferred musical genres and styles but it would seem that roughly ten out of ten Amoeba employees agree that Thin Lizzy is the hardest, heaviest most essential band of rockers, Irish or otherwise, ever assembled. Though they are perhaps more widely appreciated for their mid-career jukebox jammers like "The Boys Are Back In Town" (c'mon, who hasn't heard this one), the Bob Seger penned rocker "Rosalie" (oft covered by Motörhead), and new takes on traditional tunes like "Whiskey in the Jar" (Metallica, schmeh-tallica), Seattle-based label Light In The Attic Records has lately seen to the proper vinyl reissue of Lizzy's 1971 self-titled debut, an album that plays like a slightly psychedelic folk tinged early dawn portrait of singing bassist Phil Lynott, drummer Brian Downey, and guitarist Eric Bell

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Thin Lizzy - "The Friendly Ranger at Clontarf Castle"
Dropping the needle on this long sought reish (I've had nothin' but bad luck procuring an original Decca copy for myself over the years) that a full-on night-before-Christmas-ish feeling came over me as the album's familiar portal opened once again with the simple poetic strains of lead-off track "The Friendly Ranger at Clontarf Castle" --- a sentiment that I was pleased to discover mirrored by the extensive liner notes penned by Kevin "Sipreano" Howes (see also the Jamaica-Toronto series, Rodriguez Cold Fact and Coming From Reality, Monks, Mowest anthology) featuring a recent in-depth interview with Eric Bell, and unseen archival imagery. The lowdown on the rest of the product specs exclusive to this LITA joint are as follows: original master tape transferring by Sterling Sound and re-mastering by Dave Cooley (Elysian Masters), 180-gram virgin black vinyl, original album art reproduction (both UK and US versions, the latter included on the reverse of the gatefold - excellent!). Also, it comes with a tasty poster depicting a long, lean Lynott in profile (fun fact: mine came with two of these - score!).

In an attempt to close out this post by summoning up the prose what best expresses my esteem for this record, I elect to share a little of what the LITA folks stated so succinctly concerning Thin Lizzy:

Don’t worry rock freaks; this one is for the black and blues lovers, midnight ravers, and parking lot bangers. We don’t take this mammoth responsibility lightly. Phil, Eric, and Brian and the legions of diehard Thin Lizzy supporters deserve the best and our best we’ve given. It’s funny how 1971 can sound so contemporary, a testament to the music, power, strength, feeling, and sensitivity of Thin Lizzy, three out-of-their-heads Dublin rockers who gave their heart and soul for a monster dose of rock and roll, influencing thousands upon thousands right up to the present. Thanks for the music good fellows.

Too right.

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