A King's Ransom From Queens

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Virtuous vinyl votaries rejoice! Amoeba Music has just acquired a very choice collection of records from the Queens, NY area to resell in our Hollywood store and on, a collection that is quite exhilarating to a record guy like myself, and very different from collections I've seen on the West coast or any coast. Beginning on July 21 at 10:30am, Amoeba will offer the first of these records for sale to the public at the Hollywood store, and right now some of them are online at

Eddie, the previous owner of the records, was a true record collector, but not in the sense of the must-own or traditional market-driven collectible pieces and sought-after titles. Instead he was a curator of alluring oddities, deviating from the mainstream and submersing himself in what he himself liked to listen to, always with the highest of ideals, a paradigm of good taste. He was able to keep his records in a condition that was exactly as he had bought them, and mantained the collection as if they were never played. Many of the records happen to be still sealed, as new!

Folks here in California will be awed by the breadth of the material and its integrity, consisting of mostly non-rock 'n roll genres, not-oft traded on this massive scale. Vocals, soundtracks, thousands of 20th-century classical and jazz titles, latin music and all locales of international artists are represented here, as well as folk, blues and spoken word. Rarely seen lounge sounds and easy listening cheesecake covers, great Amercan songwriters sitting right beside obscure new age and electronic music. Over 30,000 discs of very small and large labels, private pressings, boutique pressings and artist editions await inspection by Amoeba loyalists on the day these go on sale. As these discs were collected and maintained in the New York area, West Coast LP collectors will delight in perusing these platters just-in to Hollywood from 2,800 miles away!

So, to celebrate the unleashing of these gems to the public, herein now is a tiny Choice Bin sampling of the countless enticing and enchanting records from this "East Coast Collection" that are available at, and which I've needle-dropped recently to great elation:

Eblen Macari/J.L. Almeida

Cartas de Navegacion
Dakta Records LDA-020, 1989 (Mexico)

Darkish, synthy instrumental music with some vocalizations here and there by this duo. Spaced-out chordal crunches and also lovely melodies seducing me with provacative patches. Where the heck did Eddie get this?

Henk Badings/Dick Raaijmakers

Electronic Music
Epic Records LC3759, 1961(USA)

Groovy electronic sounds accompany piano and violin, done in '61 so it has a primitive quality yet it's advanced beyond what's heard these days. My, how creatiive these men were with writing and technology!

Kjell Samkopf

Music For Solo Percussion and Electronics
Simax PN2009, 1982 (Germany)

Big classical percussion setup with Kjell's austere orchestral chops blended with Moog sounds on one side, and introspective vibes, mariba and synthesizer pieces on side 2. Nice audiophile quality rarity here that I've never, ever seen. Crystal clean sound and a laminated cover.

Barbara Lea

Lea In Love
Prestige 7100,1957 (USA)
Original W.50th St. Deep Groove label

Lea grooves to a vintage '40s-type vocal style in one moment, then a hip, swinging modern style the next. This record really surprises with its chamber-jazz vibe (oboe, harp and bassoons regaling). Gently rocking song slection rounds out this cool collection. Clean copy, with laminated cover.

 Emerald Web

Dragon Wings and Wizard Tales
Stargate Records, 1979 (Berkeley, CA)

Flutes and big synthesizers with some added fairy-dust vocals make this a real charmer. Timeless appeal with a contemporary, fantasy ambience totally alive in each short piece. LP is still in shrink wrap!

Claude Ciari
Guitare Au Moven-Orient
EMI Records SCXG 1034, 1974 (Greece)

The music of Egyptian composer Professor Abdel Wahab performed by nylon string guitarist Ciari and a group of Greek musiciains, bubbling and grooving along with the sensitive classical guitar floating on top. Original Greek pressing in great shape with shiny laminate cover.

Marcel Landowski/Jacques Bondon
French Music for Ondes Martenot
Erato STE 50254, 1964 (France)

Spooky classical music featuring the early electronic instrument Ondes Martenot, like a theremin sound, played with supreme sensitivity by French icon Jeanne Loriod. Melodic and entrancing moods, timeless appeal. Original French issue.

Dischi Ricordi SMRL 6058, 1970 (Italy)

The magnificent voice of Milva from Italy, here doing Argentinian tango sounds with a large orchestra. Striking, passionate music from this beautiful woman. Original gatefold Italian issue.

Brother Ahh

Move Ever Onward
Divine Records 52134, 1975 (USA)

Cosmic jazz vibes with spoken word and incantation, heavy on spiritual righteousness. Floating pianos and horns, massaging the touchpoints of the music and the movement. Robert Northern is the leader, with Pat Patrick and many others. Original gatefold issue form Bronx, NY.

Johnny Griffin/ Wilbur Ware
The Chicago Cookers
Jazzland JLP 12, 1957 (USA)

Heavy bop session with tenorist Griffin just ripping thought the changes, in top form. John Jenkins on alto and Junior Mance on piano making it happen. Orange deep groove label original!

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe
Legends 1001, (USA)

Twenty tracks featuring Marilyn singing. Lots of film performances here on LP for the first time, covering 1948 to 1962. Tons of great photos on the gatefold cover. Scarce private pressing.

Be sure to check out Amoeba's coverage of this asotunding collection in our other new blog posts.

, our classical expert, has weighed in enthusiastically here.

The great BillyJam, who manifested the complete prepping and packing of this whole beast, documents the journey here in fas

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