Local Stuff: Sweet Valley, Heaven, Wild Eyes, MellowHype, Plus Shows

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Sweet ValleySweet Valley and Heaven
There’s a new Sweet Valley track out. Who’s that, you ask? It’s Nathan Williams of Wavves, along with his brother, Kynan. “Total Carnage,” from their upcoming debut record, Stay Calm, is warped, instrumental surf rock that makes its looping riff sound like an endless summer. You want to just put it on, lay at the beach and never have that moment end. Stay Calm is out Aug. 7 from Fool’s Gold.

And speaking of Wavves, Wavves drummer Jacob Safari debuted songs from his new project Heaven via Vice’s blog this week. “Hanging Out” is kind of industrial and cool, with a foreboding beat and spacey vocals, while “Can’t Grow Up With Poison” is more of a straight-up shoegazer with a driving beat and a more melodic bent. I’m really digging this, obviously. An EP is due soon!
Wild Eyes – Blue Haze
New band crush: Wild Eyes, a So. Cal. shoegaze band with heart-and-brain-melting tracks that recall the best of the genre — Ride, Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine. Found this one over at, where I learned they recorded their Blue Haze EP in a garage and rehearsal space. For such humble beginnings, the thing approaches Creation status. Gotta love those garage-gaze bands!

Mellowhype Tracks
Odd Future’s MellowHype have released two tracks from their upcoming LP Numbers, the followup to their excellent Blackenedwhite. “Fakuoy” has some sweet spectral street vibes, while “La Bonita” features vaguely Latin undertones while Hodgy Beats and Left Brain extol the virtues of spandex on Latina butts. Try to ignore the f-bomb in “Fakuoy” — didn’t you hear about Frank Ocean? Numbers is out Oct. 2.

Shows This Weekend
Friday: Gil Scott-Heron tribute @ California Plaza in Downtown L.A. at 8 p.m. Read about it here.
Saturday: The Happy Hollows, The Union Line, Rachel Fannan andBrandon Intelligator @ Bootleg Bar. ($10, 8 p.m.)

Sunday: Robatanists and Derde Verde play a daytime show @ Royal/T in Culver City. It’s the last day of business for the café, which is moving to a new location. The show’s at 3 p.m.

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