Local Stuff: Flying Lotus, Chelsea Wolfe, Lord Huron, Tamaryn, Plus Shows This Weekend

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Flying LotusFlying Lotus – “Between Friends” (ft. Earl Sweatshirt and Captain Murphy)
Everything Flying Lotus does requires us to pay attention — not just because everything he touches, whether it be hosting excellent artists like Jeremiah Jae on his Brainfeeder label or his own work on albums like Comsmogramma, seems to be uniformly excellent, but because there’s a depth of complexity there that extends past sample-rap-repeat. This song for Adult Swim’s Singles Program features guest spots from Earl Sweatshirt and Captain Murphy — who is maybe Tyler, the Creator? So postulates Pitchfork, which may be true, since Captain Murphy was a character from the off-the-air animated series “Sealab 2021” whose original voice, Harry Goz, died in 2003. I love how it starts with this dream soul intro that completely cuts out twice before getting into trading codeine-fueled raps. Sounds like something that would have been concocted at the bottom of the sea, indeed! (Ugh.) Flying Lotus’ new album Until the Quiet Comes is due Oct. 1 on Warp Records, featuring guest spots by Thom Yorke, Erykah Badu and more.

Chelsea Wolfe – “The Way We Used To”

If you’re like me, the thought of deliberately acoustic music usually sends you running — something about assumed authenticity and it not actually being all that interesting. But Chelsea Wolfe isn’t your typical singer-songwriter, and this first taste of her new album, Unknown Rooms: A Collection of Acoustic Songs, is truly arresting. It might be my favorite thing I’ve heard from her, and I think the conceit of “acoustic” songs (I mean, there’s still overdubs where she harmonizes with herself, etc.) actually does her a lot of favors. Her first album, Apokalypsis, was grandiose in its gloom but sometimes Wolfe sounded lost among the layers. In “The Way We Used To,” the alluring concept of “doom folk” actually comes through much clearer, given the starkness of presentation and welcome brevity of the song, which leaves you wanting to listen again the second it’s done to grasp what you’ve just heard. It sounds like some lost blues spiritual filtered through modern aesthetic, eschewing bigness in favor of subtle sorrow. Unknown Rooms, which is due Oct. 16 from Sargent House, could just be Wolfe’s breakthrough.


Lord HuronLord Huron – “Time to Run”

After releasing 2010’s excellent Mighty EP, Los Angeles-based songwriter Ben Schneider under the name Lord Huron is finally set to release his first full-length album, Lonesome Dreams, via IAMSOUND Oct. 9. “Time to Run” teases a sunkissed Western sound that nicely balances its dusty country leanings with healthy but not oppressive reverb and a galloping beat. Looking forward to hearing the rest!


TamarynTamaryn – “I’m Gone”

SF-based Tamaryn does shoegaze right — songs about vague, indescribable concepts (see 2010’s “Love Fades,” a standout from her last album, The Waves, one of the best songs about feeling low and out of love). “I’m Gone” mines similar territory to her previous work. I’m not sure what she’s singing about, but the feel and concept offered by the title are of a certain emotional deadness that some mistake for laziness, when actually it’s a difficult, real feeling that is pretty hard to convey this well. I look forward to hearing the rest of Tender New Signs, out Oct. 16 on Mexican Summer.


Shows This Weekend:
Friday: King Tuff, Jaill, The Coathangers at The Echo (8:30 p.m., $12)
Saturday: Nick Waterhouse at The Getty Center (6 p.m., FREE)
Sunday: Fiona Apple at The Palladium (8 p.m., tickets are $100+ via various sellers) OR if you’re not rich/didn’t buy tickets ahead of time to that and you’re like me and LOVE Crystal Stilts, you’re in luck — they’re playing Part Time Punks at The Echo with The Mantles and Sea Lions (10 p.m., $10)


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