Wall of Sound: West Coast Punk Art Retrospective at Steven Wolf Fine Arts, SF

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Focusing exclusively on the West Coast's punk rock art movement of the 1970's, Wall of Sound at
Exene Cervenka art
Exene Cervenka, Dick, 2008 
Steven Wolf Fine Arts (July 12th - Sept 8th) features work by artists who are better known as musicians, and by musicians who are better known as artists. 

The rise of punk rock in the 1970s provoked an explosion of collage-based visual art. A new generation of rebels reworked dada aesthetics in the design of flyers, zines, and studio art. Some of the most interesting work was done by the musicians themselves. The bridge that formed between music and visual art inaugurated a hybridity now common in studio practice where art history shares equal space with movies, music, and television as source material for artists. 

See work by:
David J. Hastings
Tomata Du Plenty
J.C. Garrett
Fayette Hauser
V. Vale
Matt Heckert
Raymond Pettibon
and more....

Opening reception tonight (July 12th) from 6pm - 9pm!  
After party at the Cat Club (1190 Folsom St.) at 9pm with DJ David J (Bauhaus and Love and Rockets) playing a set of early punk, post punk, new wave, and proto electric.

Steven Wolf Fine Arts
2747 19th Street, A
San Francisco, CA

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