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The new Frank Ocean CD Channel Orange was scheduled to be released next Tuesday on July 17th. But we are able to sell it a bit early and now have it out on the floor. So come pick it up at one or our stores! Or pick it up on The LP is still scheduled for 7/31. You can Pre-order it here. Frank Ocean is of course part of Odd Future. This is his first official release. Everyone is super excited about this album. And you should be too!

The new Twin Shadow just came out this week. And I am a bit obsessed with it. I honestly was not really that into the first album. But maybe I just never gave it a chance. Maybe I just had higher hopes for this one since 4AD put it out.  Confess is out on CD and LP. It is catchy and highly addictive. You will like.

Captured Tracks has done it again. They really are unstoppable this year. They just released the new album by Diiv a couple of weeks ago. Which I can't get enough of. And now they have released the new album by Holograms this week. We are sold out of the colored vinyl of the new Diiv. But should be getting the more of the regular black vinyl any day now. The new Holograms is only out on CD right now. The black vinyl for Holograms comes out on 7/24. But we should be getting colored vinyl on this album any day now. Holograms is much rougher than what you might expect from Captured Tracks. This is more similar to Joy Division or Echo & The Bunnymen. The harder side of shoegaze! Punkgaze. Whatever you want to call it. Captured Tracks can really do no wrong.

One of my favorite bands from the 80s has just reissued their catalog. And this week we get a new greatest hits and box set. That band is The English Beat. I grew up knowing them as The English Beat. Which is what they were called in America. But they were simply known as The Beat in the UK. And they were called The British Beat in Australia. I remember thinking that they were the coolest thing when I first saw their video for "Mirror In The Bathroom." The English Beat released three studio albums. I Just Can't Stop It in 1980. Wha'ppen? in 1981. And Special Beat Service in 1982. Edsel has just reissued all three albums with bonus tracks. Each reissue had two CDs and one DVD. The CD reissue of I Just Can't Stop It features "Tears Of A Clown, "Mirror In The Bathroom" & "Twist & Crawl." Wha'ppen? features "Drowning," "Too Nice To Talk To" & "Doors Of Your Heart." Special Beat Service features "I Confess," "Save It For Later" & "Jeanette."

The English Beat have also just released a box set called The Complete Beat. The box set includes the three studio albums. It also includes two CDs of rare 12" and dub versions, non-album singles and live sessions. All in a great little compact box. You can also get the new greatest hits album called Keep The Beat: The Very Best Of The English Beat.

Pick them all up now from

the beat

I Just Can't Stop It
by The English Beat

the beat

by The English Beat

the beat

Special Beat Service
by The English Beat

the english beat

The Complete Beat
Box Set by The English Beat by The English Beat

the english beat

Keep The Beat: The Very Best Of The English Beat

by The English Beat

out 7/3...

doug benson

Smug Life
by Doug Benson

stevie jackson

(I Can't Get No) Stevie Jackson
by Stevie Jackson

out 7/10...

Beak II
 by Beak

Swing Lo Magellan
by Dirty Projectors


by Holograms

marina & the diamonds

Electra Heart
by Marina & The Diamonds

mission of burma

by Mission of Burma

by Twin Shadow

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