DJ Eddie Def and MC Dopestyle Team Up To Form Supreme Raw

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Supreme Raw (Eddie Def + Dopestyle) "Salty The Clown!" (2012)

Collaborating as a duo for the first time DJ Eddie Def and emcee Dopestyle are currently in the midst of finishing up recording a new album project together that the two longtime Bay Area hip-hop artists have christened Supreme Raw.

And Supreme Raw pretty much sums up the vibe of this raw, no-holds-barred, lo-fi hip-hop project as witnessed in the above video for "Salty The Clown!" - the first track to be leaked off the album that is scheduled to be released by summer's end.

This, as yet untitled, new full-length is described by Eddie Def as, "grimy hip-hop, old school 90's with chopped up samples," adding of its sound that it is, "in tradition of Gang Starr, Cypress Hill, Wu Tang type beats, ya know lo-fi hip-hop."

Although the DJ/producer and the emcee are both longtime Bay Area hip-hop artists it was only two years when they first met. "I met Dopestyle at a Casual show when me and DJ Quest were performing a set with Z-Man," said Eddie Def. "I gave him some beats and he responded back and we started working on some shit." Before long they had the makings of an entire album - one that features lots of cameos (not officially announced just yet but should be of interest to fans of West Coast underground hip-hop). "His flow is unlike any other," said Eddie of Dopestyle, "What I love him is that he is a topic rapper; interesting topics too! He raps about cancer. He raps about spousal abuse. He raps about people dying; serious shit and not the typical stuff people usually rap about."

In anticipation of the new album longtime friend of Eddie Def's - graffiti & graphic artist Klamer who did the cover of the Bullet Proof Scratch Hamster DJ's solo Hemp Lords and Wax People releases, will be doing a big giant scale piece in the City By The Bay that will be the cover for the new album. To be titled Supreme Raw Power the piece (the size of an entire wall in size) will be painted by the street artist in the coming weeks somewhere in San Francisco. The location has still be determined but I will post info here in an upcoming Hip-Hop Weekly Rap Up Amoeblog once it is known. And of course the album, when it is released, will be available at Amoeba Music.

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