New 12"s @ Amoeba Hollywood, 7/27 - New Terre Thaemlitz, Juju & Jordash, Joy Orbison, Pepe Bradock, and B-Tracks

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Terre Thaemlitz
Soulnessless 12"
Comatonse Recordings

Eagerly-anticipated first installment of two EPs in support of Terre Thaemlitz's convention-transgressing, 32-hour microSD card album Soulnessless. The EP features two extended reworks from Thaemlitz under his K-S.H.E moniker, clocking in at almost half an hour. Plush, puckered deep house minimalism from one of the finest operators in the field. Cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin and limited to 500 copies

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Juju & Jordash
Jewsex 12”
Golf Channel

A pounding Italo/EBM influenced club epic. Atmospheric and moody but still aimed at the dancefloor. Like JOHN CARPENTER's soundtrack synth music mixed with GIORGIO MORODER. 3 mixes: "JEWSEX", "CLUBSEX" and "DUBSEX". Awesome!

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Joy Orbison & Boddika & Pearson Sound
Faint / Nil 12”

New single on SUNKLO. 3 tracks of sub-aquatic future bass meets techno for discerning dancefloors! The title cut features PEARSON SOUND as well! B-sides include "NIL (REECE)" and "MOIST".

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Pepe Bradock
Imbroglios 2/4 12"

Second part of four in the Imbroglios series sees modern sound alchemist Pépé Bradock emerge from his studio with another outerworldly, mind-bending mixture of tricky, swinging beats, collages of rich, imaginative sound snippets from every corner of the musical spectrum and a plethora of exotic, cheeping noises and sounds. One of the true innovators in any style of music today and another cornerstone of every good record collection that will still sound good in decades. Play super loud!

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Rene Audiard
Pechorin 2x12"

Soren Jahan is a 23-year old Ithaca-based producer known as half of B-Tracks and a founding member of Supply Records. On his debut as Rene Audiard he drops seven varied techno tracks. The productions all bear Audiard's trademark rough texture and stripped down aesthetic. Ranging between stark dubs, lo-fi house, upfront Kraut-style techno to beautiful ambient soundscapes, this album is a strong entrance for the young artist.

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Lego Feet
s/t 2LP

Double vinyl edition with a nice UV-finished sleeve of the self-titled release from Lego Feet aka Autechre. This reissue includes all the original material from the 1991 EP, plus extensive bonus material (same content as the CD reissue), re-recorded from the original mastertapes. This is the holy grail record of electronic music, but you already knew that. This four track album contains over 70 minutes of classic, mind-bending, futuristic electronic-acid-industrial-cut-up fuckery that, at the time of its release in 1991, was virtually uncategorizable. Legendary electronic duo Autechre went on to advance the most seismic paradigm shifts in the sound of the late 20th century, and their seminal early release is presented here with two tracks of material that have never been heard before. All tracks have been re-recorded from the original master tapes. 1991 was an eventful year in human history -- the Dow Jones topped 3,000 for the first time; Boris Yeltsin got elected; Freddie Mercury died -- but among mankind's greatest accomplishments was the creation of the Skam label. At the time, hardly any record store bought the label's first 12". It wasn't until much later, after Autechre had established themselves as a pioneering experimental electronic group and some genius coined the term "IDM" to classify this baffling type of music, that the original Lego Feet release would become one of the true Holy Grail records.

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Silent OST 3x12"+CD

DeepChord and Echospace started off as barely more than a rumor supported mostly by the continous scarcity of their records. The duo comprised of Detroit's Rod Modell and Chicago's Steven Hitchell have spent nearly two decades producing low-key electronic music both bordering on the verge of myth. They're considered by many the most noted producers operating in the dub-infused aftermath of the Basic Channel axis and all its myriad offshoots. Once their critically-acclaimed The Coldest Season (LOVE 033CD) emerged on the UK-based Modern Love label, the curtain was unveiled and the sound of Echospace was born. They've often been coined the true heirs to the Basic Channel legacy but their work finds a home somewhere on the outskirts of the galaxy, where Detroit soul ties to Jamaican roots played through a tunnel in deep space. This evocative, immersive sound that is Echospace was born out of a love and passion for analog circuitry, sound design, field recordings and non-conventional methods of recording. But it's also work that's quintessentially building upon the Detroit electronic scene where it was born, and that divine marriage of roots and vision make the work at once so highly considered, so pertinent and so timeless. This is the first new album from the Echospace duo since the critically-acclaimed Liumin double album. The sonic structure of this album was the basis for what later became Liumin, but this exploration is something altogether different, left untreated and unprocessed from its original 1/2" tape to preserve the natural organic state of the recording. "Atmospheric elements composed with snapshots of normally unheard sonic worlds. Captured with hydrophones, piezoelectric transducers, wind harps, and binaural dummy-head microphones, these phonographs were further accentuated with proprietary processing to reveal even deeper layers, then blended with care to retain the full mystical element of the source recordings. The concept was to bring to life a world normally left unheard -- we taped contact microphones on trees, under the blue water bridge, a tree root submerged in water from a pond and the rocks rushing through the gusty shores of Northern Michigan. The idea is to capture the sounds of life around us and create the atmosphere from nature, the bass pulsations from the sound of rushing currents, water streams and vibrational pulsations of the earth. The synthesized harmonics were developed by the frequencies from wind gusting past the microphone, a neurophone to give one the sensation of transportation to a natural environment they know but haven't heard or felt in this realm. There were many locations used in these recordings but the vast majority were done in and around the Detroit area, Northern Canada and a few were conducted on a small island off of Helsinki, Finland." 3x12" LP (160 gram mixed colored vinyl) + CD album in full gloss cardstock case (the CD contains the full, "Continuous Flow" mix as recorded). Packaging: full-color heavy matte finished jacket w/re-sealable poly sleeve. All the jackets have uniquely "dinged' corners and these are sold as is; this isn't the product of inhuman German engineering that's rolled straight off the "perfect" truck, but rather a limited, labor-of-love one-time release pressed in Detroit.

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s/t 2LP

Tresor Records are pleased to present S_W_Z_K, the new project from David Brown aka Swayzak. While the name remains identifiable, S_W_Z_K presents a clear departure from his work with James Taylor, who recently left the legendary production duo. Taking cues from the outfit's heavier live material, Brown -- with the sporadic help of long-time collaborator and friend Richard Davis -- steers S_W_Z_K into deep and spacious techno on this eponymous debut album. Before taking different paths, Taylor and Brown had been producing together since 1997. A union that spawned five studio albums, two high-profile DJ comps and a stack of genre-spanning EPs, Swayzak became one of the leading figures of !K7 Records, as well as appearing on labels like Force Tracks, M_nus and of course, their own Swayzak Recordings and 240 Volts. But it's their legacy as a formidable live act that lays the groundwork for Brown's new direction as S_W_Z_K, turning the pair's chaotic, experimental and textural live aesthetic into a recorded signature that's energetic, raw and unrestrained. "The project was to make sonically powerful music that would work in clubs without necessarily making 'club music.' The tracks are very minimal in the sense that no more than 10 sounds were used, giving each track space to breathe." comments Brown. S_W_Z_K is an intelligent dance album with Berlin sensibilities. It balances the more pensive, introverted Warp moments like on "Elsenstr. 171" and "End of the Line Old Boy" with plenty of floor-friendly cuts. From the shimmering Basic Channel-hailing opener "31 Techniques," the album plunges into steelier, hydraulic recesses with "Dimanche Noir" before Artificial Intelligence and the Tresor basement collide in "Neukölln Mon Amour." The remainder of the album continues to reinvent itself, working over a restricted sound pallet and yet culminating in a diverse, rich and intriguing album. S_W_Z_K deftly showcases Brown's 20 years of electronic craftsmanship, with tracks like the morphing "Marianne F" and multi-tiered "The Last Drop" flaunting a particularly inventive approach to sound design. It's a stunning juncture in an already prolific and venerable career, and one Tresor Records look forward to fostering in the future.

Purchase SWZK 2LP here:

The Hope (Recondite remixes) 12”

Berlin based RECONDITE provides two deep and dark remixes, presented as a late night drive and an early morning walk. Both suppress the energy of the original into a more desolate landscape of glacial synth lines that bleed into one another.

Purchase The Hope Recondite rmx 12" here:

Rrose & Bob Ostertag: Surgeon 12”
Distance/A RESULT OF SOUND 12”
Break/RARE EARTH 12”
Chroma/RICOCHET 12”
B. Cravioto & Whatever-Whatever/NSC 12”
Kon & The Gang/GET IT TOGETHER 12”
Various/GRIMY EDITS VOL. 5 12”
Social Disco Club/NO MOUCHE 12”
Cari Lekebusch/YOU ARE A HYBRID TOO 12”
Klic & Lokiboi/SLOW DOWN EP 12”
Eddie C/LET'S GET LOST 16 12”
Rahaan & Sean Sounds/RAININ BLEEDIN..12”
Ashley Beedle/RIDERS ON THE STORM 12"
Jack Sparrow/AFRAID OF ME 12”
Mat Chiavaroli/SPEARMINT TASTES...12”
Agore & Johnston/A2J2 12”
Bok Bok/MJT 12”
Isoul8/CHANGE 12”
Bicep Vs: You/Don't 12"
System Of Survival: Rough 12"
Frank Roger: Spread Love 12"
Rocel, M: Black Label 88 12"
Allendes/Poletto: Animals 12"
Slaves: Spirits of LP
Exercise One: Lost For 12"
M Kemp: German Salad 12"
Ornette: Crazy 12"
Raz Ohara: El Zahir 12"
Field: Looping State 2LP+CD
Bell, B: Long Journey 12"
Missing Linkx: So Happy 12"
Team Doyobi: Digital V1 12"
Argy: Don't Need 12"
Luv Jam: Nesta Nip 12"
VA: Silent Partners Edits 12"
VA: 5 Years Diynamic 4LP
Dusk & Blackdown+: High Road 12"

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