New Albums Coming from Yeasayer and Bloc Party

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Yeasayer's third album, Fragrant World, is being released August 21 on Secretly Canadian. On Fragrant World, the band continues to embrace electronic instruments and effects, with hardly any guitar presence. In many ways, it's a progression from the sound of their sophomore album Odd Blood, an album I much prefer over their debut, All Hour Cymbals (as fellow Amoeblogger Billy Gil mentioned in his recent post).

Chris Keating, Ira Wolf-Tuton and Anand Wilder recorded Fragrant World in Brooklyn, (side note: for some reason I have it in my mind that Yeasayer is an Australian band and have to constantly remind myself that they are, in fact, New Yorkers). Keating recently told Under the Radar that he was listening to a lot of R&B while working on the album and "wanted to make a record that was legitimately, to use a bad word, funky." That is music to my booty-shaking ears. He also went on to describe it as "Sci-fi Pam Grier music," which made my booty stop shaking and instead looked a tad quizzical. But my booty and I will hold out final judgment until we can listen to the entire album. So far I've only heard "Henrietta," which offers as a free download (get it here), and "Longevity" (video below), but I love both of those tracks already. And I can kind of see what he meant with the Sci-fi Pam Grier comparison.

Yeasayer is touring this summer and fall, but their only announced Southern California date is at the FYF Fest on Sunday, September 2. Or, if you have loads of cash and don't get seasick, you can catch them on the just-announced S.S. Coachella cruise in December 2012. See their complete list of tour dates.

Yeasayer Fragrant World Fragrant World Tracklisting:
  1. Fingers Never Bleed
  2. Longevity
  3. Blue Paper
  4. Henrietta
  5. Devil and the Deed
  6. No Bones
  7. Reagan's Skeleton
  8. Demon Road
  9. Damaged Goods
  10. Folk Hero Shtick
  11. Glass of the Microscope
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Free download of "Henrietta" by Yeasayer.


Also coming August 21 is the new album from Bloc Party, aptly called Four (it's their first album in four years and their fourth full-length release).

In the years between Bloc Party albums, lead singer Kele Okereke put out a very dancey solo record, The Boxer (Glass Note, 2010), which was part of my workout soundtrack for ages after it came out. Bloc Party bassist Gordon Moakes also formed a side project, Young Legionnaire.

Bloc Party are playing in downtown Los Angeles on August 3, headlining the first day of HARD Summer at LA Historic Park. See their complete list of tour dates.

Bloc Party Four Four Tracklisting:
  1. So He Begins To Lie
  2. 3X3
  3. Octopus
  4. Real Talk
  5. Kettling
  6. Day 4
  7. Coliseum
  8. V.A.L.I.S.
  9. Team A
  10. Truth
  11. The Healing
  12. We Are Not Good People
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