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I could really not get enough of the first Ladyhawke album. Ladyhawke came out in November of 2008. I got a bit obsessed with the album and I think only finally stopped listening to it sometime in 2011. It has been a while but Phillipa "Ladyhawke" Brown has finally given us her second album. She was actually one of those artists that I seriously knew nothing about. I just listened to the album on repeat but never really took the time to even find out anything about her. In my head she looked exactly like Kristy McNichol circa 1982. And she actually does not look that different than Kristy McNichol circa 1982! Post Family but Pre Empty Nest. Phillipa is from New Zealand. She has actually been playing in bands for a while but finally just got some recognition for her Ladyhawke project. And yes Ladyhawke is named after the 1985 film with the same title. This is probably what peaked my interest at first to discover the music of Ladyhawke. I think her voice actually reminds me of Kristy McNichol singing in The Pirate Movie. I was a bit obsessed with Krisy McNichol when I was a kid. I guess it only made sense that I ended up gay and then found out that she was a lesbian. We were meant for each other I guess. I barely remember Family since it was on the air when I was really young. But I do love that the show featured two of my favorite TV lesbians. Kristy McNichol and Meredith Baxter Birney! Kristy McNichol went on to star in Little Darlings in 1980, The Pirate Movie in 1982, Dream Lover in 1986 and various other movies along the way. She then of course was in Empty Nest in the late 80s and early 90s. Her shining moment for me was of course The Pirate Movie. This movie might be a bit over the top and dated at this point. But I loved it so much when it came out. It is worth revisiting if you remember watching it when you were younger. But it might not be the same watching it for the first time. It is the 80s version of The Pirates of Penzance. It still holds a special place in my heart. I actually could not remember the name of it for years until I stumbled across a VHS copy before I upgraded to DVD. It is currently out of print. But it is actually getting reissued on DVD on July 3rd! I have not heard any plans for Blu-ray yet!

Ladyhawke has just released Anxiety. And it still reminds me of Christy McNichol! But she has gone a different direction from the first album. This is no 80s dance record. It has a bit more of a guitar oriented rock record. Maybe this is her 90s album! But this is still Ladyhawke. The songs are still catchy. She still has that sassy and angsty voice. I did have some high expectations for this record. And second albums are always the hardest. But I don't think I fell in love with that first album right away either. On repeated listens the songs are getting catchier. I am getting more addicted to this album as the days go by. "Sunday Drive" stands out among the tracks on this new album as the best so far. But you must start with her first album if you have never checked it out.

Check out the video for "Sunday Drive" from the new album Anxiety by Ladyhawke...

Check out Kristy McNichol singing in a scene from The Pirate Movie...Clealy the inspiration of Ladyhawke and her 80s tinged songs. It was 1982 and I was 8 years old after all. But I sure did love this song at the time!...

The new album by Lemonade has also just been released. This album really hit me by surprise. These dudes used to live in San Francisco just like me. But they now call New York their home. One of these dudes actually worked at Amoeba way back when in San Francisco. This is a super fun dancey record. Falling somewhere between bands like Tanlines, Thieves Like Us & Washed out. It has elements of 90s dance & house music and 80s dream pop and new wave. It has become my driving around the city album for the beginning of this Los Angeles Summer. True Panther Sounds had released the new album Diver. I seriously get more obsessed with this album the more I listen to it. This is some catchy music. It is an essential summer album.

Listen to "Softkiss" from the new album Diver by Lemonade...

Sigur Ros is finally back with a new studio album Valtari. Jonsi went the solo route with the last album. And they have released some live albums over the last couple of years. The last studio album was in 2008. Valtari is not going to hit you over the head like albums in the past may have. It has gotten to the point where Sigur Ros is just one of those bands that I just want to release new albums so they will tour and I will get to see them live again! These guys are one of the best live bands that I have ever seen. And I can't wait to see them again. I usually just give the new albums a couple of months to grow on me and sometime don't really get into them until I hear them live. I was a bit disappointed in the solo album by Jonsi from a couple of years ago. So I was happy the band was back together and recording. These guys seriously break my heart everytime I listen to them. I could never get enough of this band. So happy to have them in my life again!

out 5/29...


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king tuff

King Tuff
by King Tuff


by Ladyhawke


by Lemonade

scissor sisters

Magic Hour
by Scissor Sisters

sigur ros

by Sigur Ros

simian mobile disco

by Simian Mobile Disco

sun kil moon

Among The Leaves
by Sun Kil Moon


by The Walkmen

out 6/5...


by Dntel

the hives

Lex Hives
by The Hives

kelly hogan

I Keep Myself In Pain
by Kelly Hogan


Celebration Rock
by Japandroids


by Liars

patti smith

by Patti Smith

temper trap

Temper Trap
by Temper Trap

neil young

by Neil Young


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