Remembering Michael Jackson Three Years Later

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It was exactly three years ago today, on June 25th 2009, when Michael Jackson died. Everywhere around the world, the shocking news of the death struck a deep nerve with fans of the "King of Pop." As I reported back then when I was over at the San Francisco Amoeba Music store on the day Jackson died,  "As I made my way from downtown over to the Haight Street Amoeba Music store, everyone was talking MJ. Down on Market near Powell, I overheard at least four conversations -- mostly people getting out of work, talking aloud on their cell phones -- clearly uttering those two words: Michael Jackson."

And every store I walked by or every car that drove by seemed to be blasting Jackson's music. A little later, when I stopped in to Escape From New York Pizza just down the block from Amoeba SF for a slice, the young woman behind the counter commented to her co-worker, "It's amazing how many other great Michael Jackson songs there are that I didn't even know about," as the speakers blasted an MJ megamix from some radio station. Fellow Amoeblogger Miss Ess reported that Thursday evening, "From my apartment in the Castro, I could hear cars going up and down 18th Street blasting Michael Jackson."

In the three years since his death, Michael Jackson's legend has only grown. His music sales have steadily continued to grow, and Michael Jackson merchandize has become big business with stores like Hot Topic and Target carrying MJ lines. There's also a whole underground industry of companies making unauthorized MJ merch. Michael Jackson-themed tributes, such as the new Cirque du Soleil - Michael Jackson  The Immortal and the long-running Dave Paul-produced Prince Michael Experience parties are extremely popular. 

In the three years since his death, it seems all the jokes about his appearance and the nasty accusations of child molestations that dogged him in the latter stage of his career, have subsided greatly.

Truly a pop icon, his legend will only grow over time. Visit Amoeba Music's three retail stores to shop for Michael Jackson's numerous releases or simply go online to the Shop for Michael Jackson CDs, LPs, and DVDs.

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